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Thanks to all attendees from the U.S. at our Virtual Event last June 5th,  2020!

FACIALTEAM is internationally renowned for excellence in FFS Surgery, or facial gender confirmation. Would you like to meet us?

* New Virtual Orientations format recreates our international events as closely as possible! Virtual simulations optional.

Meet the surgeon
Orientations include an informative session on FFS Surgery.

Peer Support Group
Benefit from the group support of other attendees researching facial feminisation and former patients speaking on their personal experience.

Patient Coordination
Our patient relations coordinator takes the opportunity to ensure all your questions about travelling for FFS surgery are addressed.

All our consultations and orientation sessions are cost-free.

Worldwide special situation


Since your healthcare remains a priority for us, many of our virtual services, such as video consultations, have been increased.

You may now benefit from easier scheduling and more ample appointment availability. All FACIALTEAM consultations are cost-free, just book your video meeting with the surgeon here.

Had one in the past already?
Don’t worry, secondary consultations to update or clarify new enquiries are welcome too, just fill in the form above.

Our free sessions honor the many who have initiated the arduous journey to discover their true identity

Dr. Simon & Dr. Capitán

co-founders & head surgeons, Dr. Luis Capitán (Spain) & Dr. Daniel Simon (Brazil), began offering FFS in 2007.  Since completing more than 850 Facial Gender Confirmation procedures together, they have developed pioneering techniques and advanced research in this surgical field.

Combining the latest technology in surgical techniques with a multidisciplinary approach, they achieve excellence in results with proven expertise in the field of FACIAL FEMINIZATION SURGERY.  The comprehensive team analyzes each case meticulously, taking into account factors from multiple perspectives: craniofacial bone structure, plastic/aesthetics and hair – all considered within the frame of contemporary concepts on facial gender.

The co-directors of FACIALTEAM are recognized leading experts in facial bone sculpture and frequent key speakers at scientific conferences.  In 2014 they published award-winning latest groundbreaking research on facial feminization in the scientific journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, official publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. New research in this journal regarding a modernized philosophy and approaches to facial surgery for transgender women is pending publication.

The TransHealth Initiative is a project created by FACIALTEAM to promote the exchange of knowledge among professionals in transgender healthcare.  Both surgeons are members of EPATH and WPATH and promote international standards for best practices for transgender patients.

WPATH member

epath members

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  • It didn’t take too long to find consistently positive references to FACIALTEAM and it was a nice surprise to find a European clinic at the top of the tree when I’d expected either America or Thailand. Merryn, UK, 2014.

    Merryn, UK, 2014
  • The results are truly remarkable. I still have a massive smile on my face every time I look in the mirror. From the start, I was guided all the way through the process, given advice and able to discuss exactly what my needs were. FACIALTEAM are caring and compassionate professionals who were there with me all the way and are still with me today. As far as I am concerned, they are the best FFS surgical team globally.

    Megan Smith, Australia. 2015
  • FFS has made it easier for my friends to accept me in my new role as a woman…that has become the most gratifying result for me. I strongly recommend FACIALTEAM, especially if you want to become more confident as a woman and successful with your transition.

    Malin, Sweden. 2014

The ideal consultation option with FACIALTEAM?

The patient experience in Marbella, is a primary tenet of our philosophy.  Candidates who come for a consultation in Marbella see what the FFS Process with FACIALTEAM is really like. 
It is included: from the airport transfer to cranial CT scan and even 3D photos–plus Virtual FFS simulations which help you and your companions understand the impact of facial gender surgery and make more informed decisions about those procedures you are unsure about.
This video shows how, from the moment you arrive, our team helps you feel confident about your decision, at ease about the recovery and supported by staff at every step of the way.  Welcome, we are listening as your #journeybegins 

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