Feminine cheekbones


Cheeks surgery

While the shape of the cheeks is not a masculine or feminine feature, it is true that the lack of volume in the cheeks may cause unbalance in the facial harmony. Prominent cheekbones are often related to feminine beauty. An augmentation, therefore, is sometimes desirable to achieve a more feminine face.


Usually, women have more anterior projection and a more rounded cheekbone, which gives may lend a heart shape to the face.


Cheek augmentation

To perform a malar or cheek augmentation, pre-formed implants are occasionally used. Due to the high number of problems related to silicone implants (encapsulation, migration, infection) our team prefers to employs Medpor® or PEEK implants. Theses porous polyethylene implants allow the growth of bone tissue through the implant, thanks to its permeable structure, which reduces the possibility of it moving out of place. These implants are pre-formed in a myriad of shapes and sizes and can also be molded depending on the needs of each patient. However, these implants are only employed in very specific cases.

Generally, FT recommends augmenting the malar volume with FLF or Facial Lipo-Feminization (click to learn more).  FLF is the technique of liposuction from one area of the patient’s body (like the abdomen), purification of the fat and its posterior grafting to the target cheek area.

Cheek Augmentation Procedure with Implants

Cheek implants are generally inserted under sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure takes between one to two hours. A small incision is made inside the mouth, above the gums of the upper teeth, therefore leaving no visible scars on the exterior.

The cheekbone is exposed and the implant is placed over it, being fixed with titanium micro-screws to impede mobility. If necessary, the implants are remodeled to adapt to the needs of the patient. After the placement the incision is sutured with resorbable material.