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FFS Surgery in United Kingdom

FACIALTEAM, an integrated group of specialists in facial feminization surgery since 2008 and with award-winning research, is focused on the constant innovation of facial gender surgery which will ultimately improve the quality of life of trans women.

Comprised of 6 surgeons and a crew of over 30 highly trained support staff, each is specialized in specific areas of FFS surgery in order to achieve the best feminization results for each anatomical area, with extra-special attention on the planning and healing process.

Thanks to a global vision of the surgical experience and emphasis on natural FFS results with hidden scars, our FFS patients report high levels of satisfaction, as exemplified in our FFS surgery before and after images gallery with over 50 published cases.

What is FFS Surgery in United Kingdom

When we talk about FFS surgery, we are referring to a personalized set of surgical procedures through which we modify and sculpt the facial skeleton. Thus, we are able to improve features that, in general, we associate with the masculine gender by softening the shape and modifying the volumes to more feminine parameters. In short, the male features of the skull that developed due to hormones in puberty are reversed to a great extent.

The surgery is for anyone wishing to diminish masculine aspects, although it is most frequently sought by binary-identifying transfeminine women seeking a medical gender transition.

The key to achieving the natural FFS results that our patients seek with face feminization surgery is based upon the following pillars:

  • A philosophy that permits the conservation of family or ethnic traits, that adapts to personal or cultural preferences yet also allows for rejuvenation or beautification when desired.
  • Careful planning with modern 3D diagnostics of the essential or elective procedures–in accordance with the primary objectives of the individual– and implementation of more efficient techniques, such as the hidden crown approach forehead reduction, that takes advantage of available grafts for simultaneous hair transplants to round the hairline.
  • Hidden incisions for the adam’s apple reduction and inside the mouth and the use of ultrasonic instruments and osteotomy guides to reshape the jaw, methods which dramatically augment predictability and reduce trauma to the surrounding tissue for a significantly smoother recuperation.
  • A controlled aftercare program that provides the optimal conditions for healing and avoidance of complications.

Why trust FACIALTEAM for my FFS surgery in UK?

Patients are looking for the best ffs surgeon to achieve natural facial feminization results. FACIALTEAM’s streamlined system is designed for patients who seek the highest quality care at every stage of the surgical experience, with an emphasis on precision and efficacy in facial feminization surgery.

  • So, how do we do this for our patients? Well, we try to be comprehensive in everything we do. First of all, our enriching international orientations and consultations are all free. We are aware of the many obstacles you may have faced in life and those you encounter just beginning the research of your FFS journey. To make things a little easier for you, we provide a few incentives to travel to Marbella for a more thorough assessment process:
  • A round-trip airport transfer from AGP in Malaga to the hospital
  • Intensive consultation with distinct specialists, including a free Virtual FFS onscreen that gives a vision of potential results of facial feminization with high-quality clinical photographs.
  • 3D CT scan of the skull and other necessary diagnostics for a more precise assessment and quote for your specific surgery.
  • An orientation with a personal patient coordinator, tour of the hospital grounds and visit of the recommended accommodations

Of course, our VIP-style services for surgical patients include the same return shuttle service from the Málaga International Airport to the HC Hospital in Marbella –as well as any appointments thereafter. There are not any hidden costs, as all the typical surgical needs are included, even a nutritious breakfast pack on the morning of your blood analysis! We want you to feel looked after at every step of the way. Therefore, you can rest assured that your personal coordinator will arrange for all aspects of our comprehensive care system:

  • Multiple preoperative and postoperative scans and tests
  • 1-2 day hospital stay in a luxurious hospital with hilotherapy (cooling mask)
  • lymphatic drainage physiotherapy
  • healing acupuncture
  • personal psychological support and moderated group support sessions
  • private nurse visits at our collaborating accommodations

Worried about communicating? Our staff speak variety of native languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish) and frequently manage patients of other languages, even sign language, just ask!

FFS Surgery before and after results UK

Patients are naturally concerned about how their needs will be met once they leave Marbella. Our Postoperative Care Specialists will continue to follow up with you for at least a year after surgery. Our patients are encouraged to complete the ffs surgery before and after satisfaction questionnaires, both about the process and the ffs results. Based on the feedback of these surveys over the years, a high degree of satisfaction at each of the stages of facial feminization is reported, as well as with the results obtained.

Our ffs surgery before and after photo gallery speaks for itself: the satisfactory outcomes are visibly appreciated in both the quality and number of cases.

Face feminization surgery testimonials

See real testimonials of ffs surgery patients

Feminization surgery: FACIALTEAM’S philosophy

In this video you will hear from a real FACIALTEAM patient talking about her own unique experience.

Our passion for excellence in feminization surgery remains after a decade caring for both our cis and trans patients from around the world. Our experienced team looks forward to supporting you, your friends and family in this important life decision.

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