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With just a webcam and  internet access, you are ready to get the answers to your facial gender surgery questions. It’s as simply as any video call and cost free.

Facialteam is totally committed to facial feminising procedures, with a team dedicated to developing new technologies and approaches for the harmonization of the facial features:

  • Forehead Reconstruction with hidden Coronal Approach (Type 3)
  • Hairline feminization via Simultaneous Hair Transplant
  • Ultrasonic feminizing rhinoplasty
  • Dramatic jaw and chin recontouring with the security and predictability of patented 3D Piezo Guides
  • Trachea Shave without visible scar and respectful of vocal chords

Feminización Facial FACIALTEAM Nina. 12 months postop FFS Surgery Results

How much will your facial feminization surgery cost
The first step is to meet with one of our team of SIX highly experienced FFS Surgeons. We want to begin a conversation with you: discussing your concerns and expectations openly, providing our honest advice and an individualized assessment adapted to your specific objectives.  Maximum personalization–every person is unique so quotes are customized to your main needs, for optimal results.


Since your healthcare remains a priority for us, many of our virtual services, such as video consultations, have been increased.
You may now benefit from easier scheduling and more ample appointment availability. All Facialteam consultations are cost-free, just book your video meeting with the surgeon here.
Had one in the past already?
Don’t worry, secondary consultations to update or clarify new inquiries are welcome too, just fill in the form above.

What to expect from my online medical consultation with Facialteam?

Expert attention from the comfort of your personal computer:  

The video consultations are usually conducted on Skype and last approximately 30 minutes. Just as in any other consultations, you are face-to-face online with a surgeon, yet do not have to travel anywhere.

Reliable information from the specialist:

Pose your expectations to the doctor and clarify all your doubts. There is no price on obtaining factual information about all our FFS Surgery protocols!

In order for us to provide the best consultation experience possible, we have created the following FFS Surgery orientation process:

    • Fill in the contact form, you will receive a confirmation email.
    • Send us 3 headshots: frontal, profile and 45º lateral photos for review.
    • Set the appointment date. Two re-confirmations to email reminders are required.
    • Make an ordered list of questions so that you do not forget to ask anything. 
    • Prepare a place with good light, without interruptions during the session.
    • Shortly after the consultation, you will receive a personalized estimate based on the doctor’s report.

From that moment forwards, you may count on the active support of our patient relations coordinator to answer new questions, book further consultations if necessary and the management of reservations. 

The Journey Begins. We remain by your side from the very beginning.

Who is this type of consultation for?

Video consultations are a great way to update after some time or hash out specific details. For this reason, a video consultation is helpful at several stages of your facial feminisation journey, for example:

      • I am planning my transition and would like to have the most current information
      • I would like to feminize my face but I have never had surgery. Where to begin?
      • I’m afraid of surgery because I still want to look natural.
      • I’m unsure of how to further enhance my feminine features since I have already had some aesthetic procedures.
      • I’ve had feminization surgery elsewhere but have some issues to address.

Enjoy the advantages of having a private consultation with our surgeons specialized in facial gender confirmation surgery, wherever you are. Fill in this form.

Benefits of a facial feminization video consultation with FACIALTEAM:

Consultas Skype FACIALTEAM
Dr. Gutiérrez de Facialteam en videoconsulta
  • The doctors conducting the video call are the same operating at our clinic in Spain.

  • Quality advice includes a prior study of your photos.

  • Professional opinion on the optimal timing for your FFS Surgery in relation to hormone treatment and other surgical interventions.

  • Truthful, valid information about the most advanced feminization techniques to ensure your safety and predictable results.

  • Expert guidance from a globally renowned team in the field of facial feminization.

We guarantee 12 months of postoperative coordination and attention.

We can also guarantee a comprehensive care system of hilotherapy, acupuncture, lymphatic massage, dedicated nurses on and offsite and psychological support–Proof of our commitment to the care of our patients. 

Why have more than 1,500 patients chosen us to feminize their faces?

Facialteam is the only center in the world with more than 12 years of experience dedicated to facial feminization surgery for transgender women.

Facialteam’s international prestige has been gained for two fundamental reasons:

  • High-quality surgical results, with satisfaction percentages well above market standards.
  • Widespread recognition within the global medical and scientific community for work in research and technological development. Our international collaborations include membership in the surgery workgroup that is updating WPATH’s Standards of Care Guide, drafting new facial feminization surgery protocols.

Facialteam has the largest gallery of before and after feminization photos online, in order to help people considering gender-affirming procedures make informed decisions.

The Facialteam philosophy is based on 3 pillars:

  • Natural results with hidden scars
  • Revealing your feminine identity while respecting the personality of each face
  • Comprehensive Care of the well-being of the patient and companion: 24-hour coordinator, dedicated nurses on daily visits to our partner accommodation, partner and family support and more

Our main clinic is located in Marbella (Málaga), an idyllic setting on the Mediterranean within the facilities of the prestigious HC Marbella International Hospital, which provides the latest in medical technology in a spa-like environment.

Come  visit our facilities, do not hesitate to request an intensive consultation in Marbella. 


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