is internationally renowned for excellence in FFS Surgery, or facial gender confirmation, with a philosophy based on the following three pillars:

• Natural results.
• Hidden incisions.
• Objective is the most feminine version of yourself

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New to our London event, we welcome Dr. Hyung-Tae Kim, Founder of world-acclaimed Yeson Voice Clinic, who will be presenting his talk on the New conceptual approach for voice feminisation: VFSRAC with retraining of phonatory pattern.

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Benefits of Orientation Sessions in London

Meet surgeons
Orientation sessions often include an informative presentation on aspects of gender-affirming treatments.

Virtual FFS
Get individual feedback with a digital simulation of your photos (taken onsite) by Alexandra Hamer, expert in facial gender.

Peer Support Group
Benefit from the group support of other attendees researching facial feminisation.
Patient Coordination
Our patient relations coordinator takes the opportunity to ensure all your questions about travelling for FFS surgery are addressed. A Clinical photographic session will be useful for your consultations with other specialists.
Micro-Feminisation by Aprils Touch
Specialists will be available all day to offer free tips on creating the perfect eyebrows, non-surgical options for feminising eyes and lips as well as useful scar softening and hair density treatments with micro-needling and micro-pigmentation.  Sample the Surgical Skincare Collection specially developed for FACIALTEAM.


Our primary expertise is Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery.

Co-founded and directed by Dr. Luis Capitán (Spain) and Dr. Daniel Simon (Brazil), the team has treated more than 1,200 transgender patients since initiating the specialization in 2008 in Marbella (Spain). In 2010 FACIALTEAM inaugurated a new facial feminization center in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The directors, both WPATH members, have been invited speakers on facial gender affirming surgery at many scientific congresses, always seeking to implement technical advancements in the best interest of our patients.

In addition, we offer annual educational seminars on FFS,  as well as initial orientations for FFS (free of charge), in locations around the world.


  • It didn’t take too long to find consistently positive references to FACIALTEAM and it was a nice surprise to find a European clinic at the top of the tree when I’d expected either America or Thailand. Merryn, UK, 2014.

    Merryn, UK, 2014
  • The results are truly remarkable. I still have a massive smile on my face every time I look in the mirror. From the start, I was guided all the way through the process, given advice and able to discuss exactly what my needs were. FACIALTEAM are caring and compassionate professionals who were there with me all the way and are still with me today. As far as I am concerned, they are the best FFS surgical team globally.

    Megan Smith, Australia. 2015
  • FFS has made it easier for my friends to accept me in my new role as a woman…that has become the most gratifying result for me. I strongly recommend FACIALTEAM, especially if you want to become more confident as a woman and successful with your transition.

    Malin, Sweden. 2014

Dr. Hyung-Tae Kim


Director of Yeson Voice Center and one of the best ENT specialists in the areas of laryngeal surgery and treatment, Dr. Hyung-Tae Kim established Yeson Voice Center in September 2003 with an advanced voice examination system for specialized laryngeal surgeries and phonoplasties, a new paradigm in voice care.

International patients from roughly 40 different countries travel to Yeson Voice Center for its principle treatment, called ‘Vocal Folds Shortening and Advancement of Anterior Commissure’ (VFSRAC or Voice Feminisation Surgery). A skin incision is not required with this innovative technique, therefore increasing safety and satisfaction rates due to minimized potential complications. Voice feminising surgery aims to provide a natural increase in the fundamental frequency making it possible for trans women to develop a permanently feminised voice.

Dr. Hyung-Tae Kim

I don´t live near these cities. How can I meet FACIALTEAM?

The ideal consultation experience is conducted in Marbella, at our main base, offering an extensive evaluation of your case with Virtual FFS, 3D CT scans and more.  

Alternatively, a video-consultation with a team surgeon, by appointment only, is another effective way to have a “face-to-face” evaluation.

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