Facial Feminization Surgery Photos

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Facial feminization surgery photos

Facial feminization surgery photos of complete cases are available in our full gallery of nearly 100 FFS patient cases, although here we have highlighted a small selection.  The relevance of FFS Surgery is the objective of multiple studies, with positive results thus far.  Whether cisgender or trans-feminine, the impact of facial gender affirming procedures on self-perception of femininity and increase in quality of life is being demonstrated not only in research but also by Facialteam’s growing gallery of satisfactory and predictable facial feminising surgery outcomes.  In addition to one of the largest online libraries of facial feminization patient photos, Facialteam’s Before & After FFS Surgery photo gallery includes links to a playlist of hundreds of video-testimonials.

The FFS pictures below are published thanks to the collaboration of people around the globe who have voluntarily agreed to share their facial feminization surgery photos and personal experiences for others who are considering facial gender surgery.  It is an important life decision to have surgery and surgical outcomes are just one important barometer for choosing if, in which order and where to undergo treatment.

Facial Feminization Photos Comparison

One key detail when comparing facial feminization photos and testimonials, is the availability of images at long-term stages of healing.  It is without doubt very informative to see FFS photos and hear testimony only weeks after surgery when the experience is still fresh in the patient’s mind; however, images of facial feminisation surgery results are inevitably more representative of actual outcomes when taken 12 months or more after surgery, especially with nose and jaw procedures which take even longer to settle.

The FFS surgery photos in our gallery are comparisons without digital modification. Every attempt has been made to maintain similar conditions:  maintain the same posture, similar distance and camera settings, avoid artificial overexposure or excessive makeup, etc so that the comparison may be as accurate as possible.  To learn more of the best way to take photos for evaluation, see FFS Photo Instructions here.

These facial feminization pics aim for the most realistic representation possible of the actual changes incurred by facial gender affirming treatment. You may find a variety of ages, ethnicities as well as different levels of surgical aggressiveness among these facial feminization surgery photos, which was dependant on the requirements of each case as well as the individual’s objectives.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Please visit our main gallery of facial feminization photos “Before & After” on our website, with the greatest number of FFS Surgery Photos published online, thanks to the generosity of our former patients.


FFS Photos – Forehead feminization


FFS Photos – Hairline feminization


FFS Photos – Nose feminization


FFS Photos – Chin Feminization


FFS Photos – Jaw Feminization