FACIALTEAM is a human and technical team that is constantly training and working towards the full integration and acceptance of transgender people in society. For years we have specialized exclusively in Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery and many of our patients have declared that this surgery saved their lives. Now, we’re excited to announce the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION, a project created to acknowledge and show appreciation for the support and trust our patients have placed in us from the beginning. They have provided us with the learning and experience necessary for FACIALTEAM to become a world leader in this discipline, welcoming patients from around the globe who share the desire to see a more feminine face when they look at their reflection in the mirror.

The primary mission of the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION is to help transwomen with demonstrated financial constraints gain access to the Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery that is essential to their survival.

Contributions not only help provide the most disadvantaged women in challenging socioeconomic circumstances gain access to FFS, but also send them a very important message: they are not alone and someone out there cares. One of the main problems faced by those struggling with gender identity is helplessness and loneliness and for that reason, your help is much more than a simple gesture.

You are already part of one of the largest projects to help patients, an initiative that is almost exclusively focused on Facial Feminization Surgery because of the importance of how our outward appearance is initially perceived by those around us. In the world there are millions of transgender people who have to hide or are displaced by a lack of understanding and empathy, rejected by society. No transgender woman will feel alone thanks to your collaboration with the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION.

The mission of the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION is none other than to provide assistance and protection to these women, and, above all, to find long-lasting solutions for each case. Your contribution will be used for customized Facial Feminization Surgery programs, medical care and emotional support. In short, all that is needed to significantly expand the future possibilities for women who are now in situations of extreme helplessness.

We are proud to say that in the years that our surgical team has been working, we have played a role in changing the lives of many women. It would be an honor to count on your assistance as we pursue this important project. We thank you for joining us and please, spread the word.

FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION will be fully operational in 2019, but we have already begun fundraising in order to start working as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions and we will be happy to keep you informed about our progress.  Stay tuned for updates.