Livestreams, a D.M. Maynard Series with Katie Leikam

Welcome to our 14th episode of the live interview series by D. M. Maynard on Wednesday, May 18th at 16:00h CEST / 10:00am EST.

Katie Leikam, LCSW, LISW-CP, BC-TMH is a gender therapist and small business owner with 10 years of experience working with the LGBTQIA community.  She is also an educator and speaker who provides continuing education and certifications on topics of gender identity and LGBTQIA mental wellness and business development through her in person and online continuing education and certificate programs as well as her online on demand courses, The Clinician’s LGBTQ Learning Platform.  Katie serves the LGBTQIA, transgender, non-binary and genderqueer community with mental health wellness and works with her clients with gender identity, anxiety, depression, relationship stress, family and religious conflict and coming out to others. In addition, she is a contributing writer for UpJourney magazine and has been quoted as an expert in publications such as Huffington Post, Bustle and Prevention magazine. Most recently, Katie Leikam is the author of the book, The Gender Identity Journal: Prompts and Practices for Exploration and Self Discovery, available where books are sold.

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Get your questions in the chat, don’t miss it! D. M. Maynard has been an educator in New York for more than thirty years. She has used her expertise in teaching to create workshops and present internationally. Her hope is to empower the voices of families of gender diverse children and the partners who are in a relationship with individuals questioning their gender or now identify as transgender and/or non-binary as they navigate their own journeys.

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