Livestreams, a D.M. Maynard Series with Dr. Capitán

20 April at 12h30 D. M. Maynard, Lilia Koss and Dr. Luis Capitán will broadcast live from Youtube

Hear what Facialteam cofounder and codirector, Dr. Luis Capitán and community manager, Lilia Koss, do behind the scenes at our facial gender surgery clinic in Marbella during this 13th episode of the live interview series by D. M. Maynard on Wednesday, 20 April at 12:30h CEST / 6:30am EST.

Directed specifically for partners, family, educators and healthcare providers of trans, nonbinary and gender questioning people in transition.

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D. M. Maynard has been an educator in New York for more than thirty years. She has used her expertise in teaching to create workshops and present internationally. Her hope is to empower the voices of families of gender diverse children and the partners who are in a relationship with individuals questioning their gender or now identify as transgender and/or non-binary as they navigate their own journeys. Like to hear more? Follow the author on Facebook and Twitter: @DMMaynard1


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