Lilia’s Livestreams with Dr. Simon & Mayte

We are asked, how aggressive can we be in FFS surgery? This is highly subjective and is rooted in expectations. The conservative-aggressive FFS debate is actually about beauty and naturalness, which is often based on misconceptions.

So we ask the real questions: What does it mean to be aggressive or conservative during FFS? And even more important, are these 2 concepts exclusive to one another? Or can they actually, complement each other?

Here we will have a deeper discussion on this matter and clarify some myths. Let’s break down the “aggressive” FFS concept:

  • Is aggressive necessarily better?
  • Does aggressive mean fake or unsafe?
  • Can we be more aggressive or conservative if agreed with the patient?

Let’s break down “conservative” concept:

  • Confusion between natural/authentic and conservative.
  • Is too subtle a thing?
  • Why are some results perceived as conservative when they have had “the works”?

Some things to consider when planning the right balance between conservative and aggressive results:

  • What’s the starting point and how will that influence comparisons of results?
  • Choosing the personalized approaches for you
  • Will virtuals help with expectations?
  • What precisely causes my dysphoria/misgendering?
  • How to define my needs by getting advice segmented by each facial feature.