Woman I Am | International Woman’s Day

Calling women of all kinds for the Woman I Am series, created for International Women’s Day 2021!

The campaign in solidarity of ALL women will feature some of our “Facialteam family,” a diverse group of women who will share insights into their personal experiences.

Happy Women's Day 2021

The Woman I am

Women whose life has gone beyond incessant validations of gender identity, long after the major aspects of any medical transition have been overcome. Women who are an inspiration. Women who are an example of persistance and steadiness when it comes to fully realizing who they are, representing a marvelous diversity of walks of life, shapes & sizes, nationalities, beliefs and, of course, gender identities. 

Affirming identity

“The year 2021 is for you, woman of many talents. Emerge and shine intensely from your deepest reserves: your magical, brilliant flame of strength and perseverance. “

Each Monday so far this year, we’ve shared affirmation like this to get your week started off on the right foot!

What kind of woman I am

I’m full of light and energy, independent, real. I’m enough, self-assured, triumphant, tenacious. I’m valiant, patient, loyal. I’m friendly, affectionate, gentle. I’m comprehensive, meticulous, and capable. I’m also my failings, vulnerable, sensitive, distracted and impulsive.

I’m unpredictable, wild, stubborn and sometimes weak. Yet my imperfections make me see myself in full light, in all my glory, because above all, I’m the woman I want to be.

Woman I am

Ways of being myself

Being myself is being who I’ve always been, not what others expect. This includes my liberty to decide how I express myself to the world.
Being myself, for many a privilege, is believing in me, not in the opinion of others.
Being myself is choosing the risks I take, when I’m ready to face the consequences.
Being myself is diving into the world and claiming what’s mine, instead of waiting for permission to be an authentic me.

Being myself is…
The woman I am

Woman I am 5

I am woman, no matter what

No matter what, however things may be,
wether the world likes it or not,
first and foremost, I am a woman.

The light inside of me guides my way, illuminating my outer self and, even though I’m not perfect, I’m unique, unreplicated, and proud of who I am.

Being myself is…
The woman I am

woman i am 6

Who decides the woman I am?

I let go of my fears, and now I have more space to live my dreams. I’m the owner of my decisions and I build the life I want. There is no barrier, lock or bolt that can impede the freedom of my mind. Nobody decides who I am, I choose. I am the reflection of the light inside of me because…

Being myself is…
The woman I am

woman I am 7

I am woman, always have been

I’m happy to be the woman who I am today; without the barriers I have found in my way, I wouldn’t have learned so much in this life, about my life. Without my family and friends, the path to an authentic me would have been nearly impossible—without their help, each stumble would become ever more difficult to overcome.

Thanks to all the people who have encouraged me, who have understood me and who have been sympathetic. Today, I can say openly, I am who I really want to be.

Open up, let me enlighten you and dissuade all misunderstandings so you may empathise with me, who must still struggle everyday against discrimination merely for being born as the woman I am.

I am woman.

Woman I am 8

Woman I am

Perspective. Whatever you want, you already have it.
Whoever you want to be, you are already.
Whatever you are looking for, already exists inside you.

That light I carry inside me is the woman I am.

I am woman

My eyes shine,
My smile illuminates,
My voice rings clear,
My expression is peaceful,
And my presence extinguishes the shadows that stalk the way.

My flame burns with an intensity which I determine.
The glow inside of me is the woman I am.
Being me is the woman I am

Happy Women's Day 2021

See me as I am

I don’t claim to own the sun, the moon or the stars. I don’t want a fortune, jewels or a big mansion. I just want to be the woman I feel I am and for your eyes to see me as the woman I am.

The real challenge is not to be perfect, it is to feel authentic within myself. To give attention to my inner self, not just outward appearances, so the world may see the complete picture as the “Woman I am.”

It comes to mind and without thinking, I choose me. I think about it once again and ask myself, why didn’t I choose me before? I’ve decided to be the “Woman I Am.” 

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
About the author

Hello world! My name's Lilia Koss! With a background in humanities and diverse professional experiences, I've accumulated 11 years now working in the field of trans healthcare. Involved from the ground up when the business idea was just a seed within a clinic until it gradually transformed into the main focus of our activity. Like any startup, I have had hands in many pots: from workflows, customer journeys, social media, public relations, customer service, sales and coordination, content, web... Now life is more defined. Lately, I focus my energies on Public Relations, Social Media and copywriting of quality for our target during my day-to-day. Plus, the organization of annual educational orientation events around the world aimed at raising visibility of gender-affirming healthcare. Life is pretty complete.