Should I consider redoing FFS Surgery?

We often hear this question at Facialteam but there is no easy answer about redoing FFS  Surgery.

From our perspective as a medical team we receive so many patients whose feminization surgery is the first step in the transition path as patients whose procedures are a simple retouch or in other less positive cases, a modification of the results of another surgery.

This last case is usually the most delicate to treat, since patients go to the unmet consultation after the physical, emotional and economic effort involved in a facial feminization procedure.

Return to Facial Feminization Surgery to solve a medical error

Among the patients who wish to re-study the features of their face, it is important to identify 2 important groups and the main reasons that generate their concerns.

On the one hand, there are the most evident cases in which the patients present visible aesthetic or functional problems. In many occasions these people have chosen a center to perform their surgery, valuing more practical aspects such as location, budget, information from nearby people without checking, etc. and have rejected other options due to distance, language, or even advice that does not fit with the sometimes idealized expectations of people who consider facial feminization surgery.

Unfortunately, these decisions based mainly on logistics can lead to unsatisfactory results or even irreversible consequences on people’s health.
For example, the incisions for the remodeling of the jaw are ideally made inside the mouth so that they are subsequently invisible. However, if these incisions are not performed with extreme precision, they could damage the nerve and lose the sensitivity of the area forever.

Information is the key to choose the best FFS Surgeon for you

Unfortunately, all surgical interventions carry a risk. Although scientific and technological advances nowadays allow interventions to pose a minimal risk to the health of patients; It is essential to take into account the recovery period and the healing results.

The Facialteam team has been working in the area of facial feminization for years and is aware that in order to obtain the best results it is essential to have a suitable place with a prepared team and invest in high quality materials.
It is very important that when making a decision, patients inform themselves and compare, because the treatments that a priori may be cheaper, could be harmful and ultimately more expensive.

To solve some frequent problems, Facialteam only applies certain techniques that conceal the scars or leave them hidden. For example, for the hairline scar that some patients bring from other interventions, a hair transplant is proposed in the area. People who come with implants of certain materials, can be removed and polish the bone in such a way that the soft tissues conform to a feminized bone structure and reflect that appearance to the outside.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In reality the most difficult cases are not those in which there is a point of physical improvement, come from the professional that is; the really complicated cases of diagnosing are those in which clinically no error has been made and yet the expectations of the patient do not fit with the final results.

In these cases it is important to discern if the discontent really comes from a physical longing or an emotional problem because the treatments will be very different.

Facialteam bets for the beauty of naturalness and does not try to transform its patients, only uncover the female face that is there after the passage of hormones. It is very important to inform yourself and contrast information before choosing the team that will perform your facial feminization surgery. Do not forget that your health and happiness are the most important.

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
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