Pride 2020 and the scent of liberty

This month of pride, we revisited the theme of the 5 senses to contemplate the potent scent of liberty, in all senses of the word. The freedom to love oneself and each other, without taboos or prejudice. It is the essence of an authentic life, a basic human right. The fragrance of freedom is that winsome perfume which pervades time, as desirable in youth as in maturity. Something which the LGBTIQ+ community has pursued with PRIDE for over half a century.

This month we also dedicated a song each week in celebration of LGBTIQ+ pride. As with the lingering scent of a memory, our individual uniqueness is something everlasting. These inspiring songs carry the essential message of the beauty of gender identity diversity, so it may permeate like a favorite perfume into the fabric of our lives. 

Beautiful for Pride 2020

Because “no matter what we do, no matter what they say, we are the song within the melody full of beautiful errors.” Does the song sound familiar to you? Facialteam is passionate about authenticity and want to send a message that #transisbeautiful, loud and clear. Remember, you are beautiful!

Freedom for Pride 2020

Have you had the privilege to grasp the scent of freedom? Are you fortunate to enjoy the liberty to “be yourself”?  Laura Jane Grace sings of this and more on the Against Me! album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The song, True Trans Soul Rebel, is a hopeful call for a future where #itgetsbetter, where “You should be living a different life.”

Body Positive and Living True for Pride 2020

Smells like LGBTIQ+ spirit! Finally, we chose two PRIDE anthems we love by inspiring trans artists who emanate absolute positivity.  Ryan Cassata’s “Daughter” could be seen as an epilogue to Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way.” Sounding clear and true, she explains:  “I didn’t change who I am.”  

On the other hand, Shea Diamond also rings proud with “I am her,” affirming the intersectional black, trans and feminist stance which is as relevant today as ever. Because the self-validation of your own brand of gender identity matters.

Half a century of LGBTIQ+ Pride 2020

Today. In commemoration of a pivotal #PRIDE demonstration: the Stonewall uprising in New York City 51 years ago in response to violent police raids of LGBT+ bars. A community-lead rebellion in which minority group trans women, Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, played central figures. A day which united the voices of the feminist, black, antiwar and gay liberation movements in a common cause.

What occurred at the Stonewall Inn this day in 1969 is remembered as a turning point for LGBTIQ+ acceptance around the world. Today, over half a century later many say #itgetsbetter, yet more change is on the way.

Today especially, Facialteam celebrates LGBTIQ+ diversity. The rights and respect attained over the decades are thanks to the outspoken voices of activist groups and support from allies. May we continue raising awareness hand-in-hand in the protection of that freedom and pursuit of acceptance without exception.

Happy International Pride!

pride 2020 facialteamPride 2020 Spain in times of pandemic

A message from our LGBTIQ+ staff:

Here there’s talk of the “new normality.” What does “normal” mean really?

Normally we would be waving all the flags, with a diversity of colors and groups, walking proud on the streets of our cities. However, this year our PRIDE marches are giving way to virtual celebrations. Today more than ever we need to keep our flags high, not only for those who have been and fought to achieve the rights and freedoms that they have today, but for all that remains to come and the stones to be overcome along the way.

This 2020, in which the 50th anniversary of the first Pride is celebrated in Spain, the most massive street party in the capital has been canceled. Nevertheless, it will be live-streamed! The raising of voices of the LGTBIQ+ family who, unfortunately, “normally” have to defend their human rights, will continue in a different form.

Organizers around the country encourage citizens to decorate their houses, windows and balconies so that the colors of the rainbow flag flood the streets. Cultural, activist and fun events are being planned to share across all the social platforms. On Saturday, July 4, the official day of the great Pride March in Madrid, there will be a multitude of ways for everyone to participate online.

For example, in commemoration of the fifteenth anniversary of the approval of equal marriage, live events in tribute to Pedro Zerolo are programmed as well as a virtual exhibition of our many LGBTIQ+ wedding photos.

The participation of more and more individuals is our path to become a society that does not displace us for being different, that does not turn its back on those of us who are regularly discriminated against, victims of violence, and lack equal opportunity. Let us not fall into the webs of those who would remove our right to respect, taking steps backwards towards the intolerance of a country that formerly punished those who did not conform with what we call “normal.” The normal thing should be coexistence and equality, for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Now more than ever, visibility is essential and our encouragement and support need to expand at the same rate as this global virus that has only stopped us from rejoicing together in the same physical space.

At this moment of celebration, Facialteam wants to thank its patients for the unconditional support and strength they have shown during these months of the pandemic and we encourage them to continue fighting for their goals. Together we will be unstoppable.

Everything seems to be on hold now, but we dream of a different “normal,” one in that there will always be room for freedom, acceptance (not just tolerance) and equality.

As Always, with Love.

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
About the author

Hello world! I’m Lilia Koss and I use she, her, and they pronouns. What are yours? With a background in humanities and diverse professional experiences, I have been working with the Facialteam founders and directors since 2018. Involved from the ground up, so I’ve had hands in many pots: patient coordination, orientation events on 3 continents, social media, written and audiovisual content about our gender-affirming healthcare...but now life is more defined. Lately, I focus my energies on Public Relations, community management and live streaming to help raise the visibility of trans health. Life is pretty complete.