Together we are stronger

A solid relation based on sincerity  

Our facial feminization team is really more than just the Facialteam staff There are many people who are longtime partners, assisting with enthusiasm and devotion in our trans patients. Among them, all the staff of the HC Marbella International Hospital (Spain) that help create excellence in our day-by-day work, thanks to their valuable contributions and professionalism. Facialteam and HC join forces on several levels:  corporate social responsibility, the human resources required for facial feminization patients, seminars for medical professionals on facial gender surgery, scientific research, consultation sessions in Marbella and more. Thanks to all the people involved for continuing to improve this consolidated team that we have the privilege to be part of. Without each individual, it would not have been impossible!

10 years working as a team

When you love what you do, time flies. It seems like just a blink of an eye, but when we stop to reflect for a moment, 10 years working hand-in-hand with each other have flown by. A decade sharing experiences full of enthusiasm and happiness, and all thanks to our patients for our work. Without them nothing would have been possible. Today, we give a grand applause to all the people who make our work possible, helping us to improve every day.

Betting on cutting-edge technology

HC Marbella and Facialteam have spent the last 10 years working hard to provide the best for our patients.  This has involved reforming and amplifying the installations in Marbella, especially where technology is concerned. Patients now benefit from the most modern diagnostic equipment available today. We combine facial scanning with 3D technologies to achieve a high level of surgical planning and thus allow our patients to benefit from both a diagnosis composed of a more advanced image as well as precision in results.

Offering the best of care 

HC Marbella and Facialteam staff have built a patient care system based upon 10 years of experience together. From dedicated nurses to attentive coordinators and lymphatic massage to hylotherapy and acupuncture for our mutual patients, every detail is considered. With a spirit of cooperation, affection, empathy, and humane treatment, we aim to accompany patients, as best we can, at all stages of their journey.

Adding synergies and experience

Facialteam and HC Marbella have grown and evolved together, supporting and learning from each other in order to achieve a common objective: that our patients feel safe and in the best hands. This cooperative spirit is palpable especially in our operating theaters, where prestigious surgeons, anesthesiologists and nursing professionals work with high technology systems for maximum security and optimal results. We are like a close-knit family that works as a team in order to achieve the extraordinary. True teamwork is where, together, we are able to first learn from our experiences. Secondly, we find ways to improve our systems and third, have a capacity to continuously implement these improvements for an even greater service.

Multilingual and empathetic people

HC Marbella International Hospital and Facialteam have always worked at an international level, receiving patients from every corner of the world and helping them feel at home. We listen to our patients, try to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis and detect their unvoiced needs. Our philosophy is to always offer kindness, tolerance, care and patience. For this reason, we offer a multilingual staff that is also empathetic of the circumstances which have brought patients over lands and seas to Marbella.

Inclusivity and respect for all patients

HC Marbella International hospital is an inclusive space for patients from all around the world. It’s a place where a unique clinic like Facialteam has been able to thrive and offer a safe space. Where patients receive the respect they deserve at every step in a place where equality is a core value of the care we provide, together. Differences enrich us and respect unites us, for the simple reason of being human persons, we all deserve to be treated with respect, which is the most beautiful sign of love and affection.

In conclusion, we hope to continue for many more years by your side, working with this great team of professionals. Because it is thanks to the people on our team, with a spirit of cooperation, affection and empathy for our trans, gender-nonconforming and nonbinary patients, who make it possible for Facialteam and HC Hospital to do their best.

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
About the author

Hello world! My name's Lilia Koss! With a background in humanities and diverse professional experiences, I've accumulated 11 years now working in the field of trans healthcare. Involved from the ground up when the business idea was just a seed within a clinic until it gradually transformed into the main focus of our activity. Like any startup, I have had hands in many pots: from workflows, customer journeys, social media, public relations, customer service, sales and coordination, content, web... Now life is more defined. Lately, I focus my energies on Public Relations, Social Media and copywriting of quality for our target during my day-to-day. Plus, the organization of annual educational orientation events around the world aimed at raising visibility of gender-affirming healthcare. Life is pretty complete.