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Makeup Tips After Surgery ft Jecca Blac (Tutorial Included!)

September 11, 2020

Hey Everyone!

Today’s blog post is about our collaborative livestreams with a lovely group of makeup experts.

First, reps of the gender free, vegan makeup brand Jecca Blac from the UK, who gave us some quick coverup tips alongside Berlin makeup instructor, Nina Kozul.

We also had the pleasure to have “The Pretty Fix” celebrity makeup artist, Melissa Murdick of Los Angeles and help from veteran makeup professionals, Brenda DiaLuce of Italian television experience. If you missed it, you can see both episodes below or watch them on YouTube!

Who is Jecca Blac?

Jecca Blac is a makeup brand that celebrates all makeup wearers. The company began by offering one-to-one makeup lessons to trans women at the start of their journeys, which has lead to supporting trans prisoners, collaborating with LGBT+ charities and now selling a broad range of genderless, cruelty free products championing inclusivity and diversity and beauty for all.

Watch as Jecca Blac’s Founder, Jessica, and Marketing Assistant, Maxine, share the history of Jecca Blac and the ways they strive to continue serving the trans community in the future. We also discuss the main challenges faced by trans women after receiving facial feminisation surgery and, more specifically, how to conceal any bruising that will occur after undergoing a rhinoplasty or brow shave.

Correct & Concealer after facial feminisation

Jessica starts the tutorial part of our livestream by introducing her Correct & Conceal Palette. This was Jecca Blac’s first ever product to launch and won ‘Best Concealer of 2020’ at the Beauty Bible awards this year! It comes in 6 shades and offers a buildable, cream-based consistency and was originally developed to help counter any darkness from beard shadow. This product is super buildable and was designed to be layered with other makeup products if needed, and delivers a natural skin-like finish due to its cream texture with a medium-full coverage. As well as concealing beard shadow, the Correct & Conceal Palette can be used to cover any bruising with bluish undertones in the skin, as is common after facial feminisation surgery.

How to apply for after-surgery coverup

Jessica demonstrates how to best use the product by starting with the ‘Colour Corrector’ part of the palette, which has a peachy tone and will make any blue undertones in the skin appear neutral. Layering this with a brush on Maxine’s under eye area, she builds up the product by focusing on brightening any dark areas, and follows with the ‘Concealer’ part of the palette on top which blends the ‘Colour Corrector’ shade with the rest of the face. Using the same brush as was used for the ‘Colour Corrector’ shade, Jessica pats the ‘Concealer’ part of the palette on top. Gently stippling the product on top like this is ideal when layering makeup products, as it won’t move the ‘Colour Corrector’ pigment which has been applied first.

This technique of applying a peachy based corrector to any bluish dark undertones, as demonstrated by Jessica on Maxine’s under eyes, is a fully transferable method that can also be used when concealing beard shadow or bruising. As seen in the tutorial, this two-step colour correction and concealer is a very time saving and visually effective fix for concerns of targeting dark undertones.

Social Responsibility at Jecca Blac

During our live stream, we discussed other ways in which Jecca Blac supports the trans community. Jessica and Maxine discussed this year’s Trans Festival in London. The first of its kind, Trans Festival is a yearly event for trans people and allies to come together, hear guest speakers, and learn about services available specifically to trans patients and consumers. Luckily, the first Trans Festival happened before crowd restrictions were introduced earlier this year. Although the second Trans Festival is being delayed due to Covid-19 related restrictions, Jess and Maxine look forward to the return of Trans Festival in Autumn of 2021.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing top tips from Jecca Blac’s Founder!
For more information on Jecca Blac, visit www.jeccablac.com and on social media @jeccablac

Want the full makeup story?

Here is the second livestream about makeup with Melissa Murdick, whose site offers free videotutorials for trans women and who provides free classes at the Los Angeles LGBT center’s “Trans Lounge.” Includes a superfast tutorial by Brenda DiaLuce on how to keep the shine off with a matte powder when preparing for your zoom meetings!