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Why choose FFS?

November 26, 2010
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Hormones, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories all play their part for a T-woman. However, many are not happy settling with that.

Why choose FFS

Why choose FFS?  There is still something about that woman in the mirror that makes people look twice, which is actually not what you want. Perhaps it means that the teller uses the wrong pronoun with you. Children ask you the usual embarrassing questions.

Most importantly though, you don ´t feel that the face you see is the mental image of yourself.

Facial feminisation surgery is a way to reveal the woman inside…

However, realistic expectations must be kept. And it certainly won ´t solve all life ´s problems. But it may make the difference between “him” or “her”. What a relief! Ahhh, to be addressed as “Ms.”

FFS means subtle changes with a big impact.


Changing faces, changing lives.

You will still be you. Just a more feminine reflection.

It is a big decision, but most say it was necessary for their personal well-being. Often our patients even say it saved their life.

If you would like to talk it over with one of our patients, please ask!



Dr. Luis M. Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon, founders and directors of FACIALTEAM, an internationally renowned team of professionals specialised in facial feminisation surgery, based in Marbella, Spain