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Yeson Voice Center in London

Voice Feminisation Surgery expert joins our London event

February 27, 2019
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On March 14th, Dr. Kim of Yeson Voice Center joined Facialteam at it’s annual orientation session in London.

Voice Feminisation Surgery in London

For the first time in our 10 years visiting the UK, Dr. Kim of Yeson Voice Center (S. Korea) joined us to provide feminisation surgery (VFS) presentations in London.

Voice Feminisation (VFS) by Yeson VC

Yeson’s VFSRAC surgery is a unique surgical technique to modify the vocal folds into more feminine parameters. One important advantage of the Yeson voice feminisation approach is that a skin incision is avoided by endoscopically removing 1/3 of the vocal fold membrane and using permanently fixed sutures.

Visit Yeson’s website to see an illustrated comparison of the VFSRAC voice feminising procedure compared with  four existing techniques. The site features many VFS outcome videos, the results of frequency elevation in Yeson’s 12-year study, potential voice surgery complications, key postop management points and more.

What is Voice feminisation with Vocal Fold Shortening and Retrodisplacement of the Anterior Commissure (VFSRAC)?

Yeson Voice Center’s Vocal Fold Shortening and Retro­displacement of the Anterior Commissure (VFSRAC) is known as the safest and most effective surgical method for feminizing the voice.

Tracheal Shave and VFS:

Does shaving the Adam’s apple change the voice? This depends on the technique, so be sure to get clarification from your surgeon. Some patients report a tracheal shave voice change. Interestingly, Yeson’s study shows that a slightly better outcome will be achieved if there is no prior intervention to the trachea area or Adam’s Apple before voice feminising surgery.  However, the difference is minimal and there are solid arguments to favor having an Adam´s Apple reduction before voice surgery.

Speech Therapy and VFS:

The VFSRAC voice feminization is a surgical approach that requires the patient to train female resonance patterns, adapt to the new laryngeal biofeedback reflex system, and to build a new phonatory pattern after surgery.  This work on behalf of the patient is essential to achieve a good result. VFSRAC will NOT automatically provide the perfect female voice as soon as the surgery is completed. It simply provides provides the anatomical structure to make this easier. Discovering your most feminine voice requires speech training before and after voice feminization surgery.

About Voice feminisation surgeon, Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is the founder of Yeson Voice Center.  He was an speaker at the prestigious 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Otorhino Laryngological Societies (IFOS) in 2013. Considered the “Olympics” of the otorhino-laryngology field,  Dr. Kim presented his research findings in voice feminisation with the VFSRAC method (Vocal Fold Shortening and Retrodisplacement of the Anterior Commissure). The technique gained recognition for a significant increase in safety and effectiveness compared to existing methods.

The medical professional ENT journal “The Laryngoscope” published Dr. Kim’s 12-year medical research paper “A New Conceptual Approach for Voice Feminization: 12 Years of Experience” in 2016.

Voice feminising, facial gender confirmation surgery and micro-feminisation, a non-surgical complement.

Facialteam is happy to feature one of the foremost specialists in VFS at our event in London.  Voice Feminization Surgery, as FFS Surgery, is best performed by experienced surgeons. Similarly, an accurate diagnosis is fundamental as well as proper indications for speech therapy in preparation and during voice rehabilitation.

At the 2019 event, participants also had the opportunity to get free makeup tips with Lisa LeFever, developer Microfeminization. As always, they offered attendees key information about non-surgical options to enhance feminising results.

As usual, participation in the event is voluntary and free of charge to reduce barriers to information about the latest techniques in gender affirming treatment.  Prior registration, however, is required. Stay tuned for coming events!

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