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Transgender Health at EPATH 2019

April 26, 2019
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Facialteam representatives were invited speakers on four themes of transgender health at the 3rd biannual conference of the European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH), which took place in April 2019 in Rome.

The Facialteam presentations formed part of the Surgeons Sessions for trans women, click here to see the program. The talks were based on scientific publications produced by our Research & Development department as well as the experience of the Training & Education branch. Despite multiple parallel sessions taking place simultaneously, the facial gender surgery session reported ample attendance with a keen interest in the topics covered:

• Perception of the femininity of the face and satisfaction with the results after one year of the FGCS: relationship with subjective well-being
• Lower jaw contouring techniques in Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery
• Management of complications in Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery: the forehead reconstruction
• Developing a training program in Facial Feminization Surgery: a pilot experience

Transgender Health at the 3rd biannual EPATH

Transgender Health is the central tenet of EPATH, which welcomed an attendance of over 600 professionals in the field. Dr. Capitán noted positively, “This year, the increased presence of interested young professionals and gender-diverse professionals is heartening—there are great expectations for the future of trans healthcare.”

The event is run by the European sister organization of WPATH, which began international meetings on trans-related medical issues in the 1970s. However, European scholars and clinicians of many disciplines recognized an obvious need for a more widespread exchange of knowledge in trans healthcare at the European level. Hence, the idea of EPATH took shape in 2013. The official launch was then made by a determined group of European specialists at the WPATH Symposium in Bangkok in 2014.
EPATH, a non-profit association, contributes to the ongoing scientific and political debates regarding transgender health.

Aims of EPATH in Transgender Healthcare

• “Promote mental, physical and social health of transgender people in Europe
• To increase the quality of life among transgender people in Europe
• To ensure transgender people’s rights for healthy development and well-being”

Goals of EPATH in Transgender Healthcare

• “To foster the European knowledge and skills in transgender care
• To facilitate and extend the bonds between European countries in transgender care
• To spread the results of research and experiences by publishing reports and organising scientific conferences and meetings and to collaborate with international organisations with the same or related aims”

The slogan of the 2019 transgender health conference was “Inside Matters,” in part a reference to EPATH’s objectives: to promote a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach both in regard to advancing healthcare for the trans community as well as the basic human right to access quality medical attention.

 trans health epath
Facialteam at the opening ceremony of EPATH 2019 for trans health providers.


”Inside Matters” of Trans Health

Facialteam delegates listened on a variety of related topics such as psychology, spirituality and the social circumstances of the trans community in Europe. All enriching information for any healthcare provider who seeks a more profound understanding of the trans reality, of non-binary and patients of other gender identities.
In addition, the benefits of networking with other international experts is invaluable for future advancements in transgender healthcare. For instance, the opportunity to re-connect with former TransHealth Initiative visitors to Marbella, such as Dr. Yuzaburu Namba of the Okayama Gender Center in Japan, who has kindly extended an invitation to JPATH IN 2020.

Facialteam sponsors Trans Health
Facialteam has sponsored EPATH since the first edition in 2015, investing in trans health.



What does it mean to be an active member of EPATH? A dedication to the exchange of knowledge for the integration of distinct disciplines, the pursuit of scientific research and the evolution of best practices for comprehensive gender-diverse patient care.
Facialteam is proud to have supported an event of fundamental importance to transgender health since its inception in 2015 in Ghent and again in Belgrade in 2017. Every year great strides are made in the planning of such a large event, for which the logistical teams deserve recognition. Their efficiency and organizational capacity have led to the growth of each consecutive edition of the congress.
As the demand for transgender healthcare increases, academic platforms such as those provided by these professional associations for the training, certification and networking of trans health providers also grows. WPATH’s next international event will repeat in 2020, this time in Hong Kong. The next EPATH congress will take place again in April 2021, in Gothenburg (Sweden), a centrally-located port in Scandinavia.