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June 14, 2017

Why does FACIALTEAM have an annual limit?

Tailored surgery is highly personalized for you.  Identifying a maximum capacity of any surgical team is important for reasons which ultimately matter to you, the patient.  This “flood mark” is the boundary where quality would be put at risk.


Quality of care is assured when the patient care system is well-balanced, not overloaded. The Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery and Facial Harmonization Surgery process functions best at a certain pace, we are humans after all! There is a limit to the workload that our Human Resources can handle without compromising excellence in services, which we take such pride in.

Our promise of dedication to patient satisfaction could be under undue stress if the volume of patients were not carefully aligned with the capacity of our workforce. So, although technically there may be space for more operations, it’s also necessary to concentrate on other tasks such as coordination, logistics and professional development. This valuable time permits us to evolve as a tight-knit team focussed as a unit on extraordinary results and services.


It has always been a priority that the work conditions and environment should be properly adjusted to avoid burnout of personnel. Our team is fortunate to count on a veteran core of hard-working individuals of proven resilience. However, we are well aware that in order to “be on our game” and provide top service, it’s important to nurture the numerous people who make this happen, a valuable resource for FACIALTEAM. Recognition, team building, and sufficient time for all aspects of life permit our team to grow, reflect and harness the energy required to always put forward our best.

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FGCS is an important step in your transition. It is your face. The decision about what to do or where should not be rushed, despite the fact that you wish to wake up tomorrow with it all done already. We understand your urgency to move forward, but urge you to take it slow. Please. In the long run, dedicating a bit of time to discover the nuances of your treatment options could mean better results, greater satisfaction and possibly avoid costly and unpredictable surgical corrections down the road. After all, we all know what happens when we rush out the door… something is inevitably overlooked.

As a conclusion, resist succumbing to impulse and dedicate time to research about facial gender – you will be better prepared at consultations to ask the right questions. Planning for any large expense such as a car, a college program, or a big trip are usually done by comparing and considering the pros and cons of each aspect. Don’t be any less meticulous with this process.

Common temptations are low prices, short waits, extensive combinations of procedures promising to do more for less (incidentally, based on limited diagnostics)… sometimes less is more and going overboard can be more costly in the long run.