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Resources for Facial Feminization Research

March 29, 2019
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Transitioning is a major undertaking for many women, one that often comes with emotional and physical challenges. Resources for facial feminization surgery research are a key part of the transition journey yet also an additional challenge to face.  The mass amount of information to absorb and filter through takes time.

Just like any major surgery, the procedures used in FFS surgery or facial gender confirmation surgery have both potential risks and benefits. Considering the potential psychological effects this type of procedure can have, it is extremely important for patients to do as much investigation and clarifying of the resources for facial feminization as possible before making any decisions.

Finding answers to your questions in resources for facial feminization research

Although nothing can replace a face-to-face consultations with at least a few different surgeons, in addition you might consider perusing resources for facial feminization surgery research.  In addition, think of requesting a written assessment by a facial gender analyst, such as Alexandra Hamer of Virtual FFS. This is a useful tool aimed to help patients discern which procedures are most and least effective in your case–with the added benefit of photo simulations so you and your family get an inkling of what the potential results might look like.

 1. Is FFS right for you?

Do your facial features require invasive surgery or is there another way to achieve your desired results? Are you emotionally prepared for the changes that facial feminization will bring? Hearing the stories of real FFS patients and talking to your therapist can be helpful. Honest surgeons will be happy to tell you whether major surgery will help you reach your personal goals.

2. What can you realistically expect from facial feminization surgery?

Having consultations with many different providers and looking at before and after galleries can help you set realistic expectations.  Facial Feminization is not about erasing your identity; it is more about minimizing the masculine features that appeared due to puberty.  So you will still have a family resemblance.  FFS Surgery is not the definitive solution to all your problems either, but will certainly help you be happier with who you see in the mirror.  You can expect aggressive results if that is what is agreed upon with the surgeoon, or subtlety when required, although with Facialteam you are ensured a natural-looking result with hidden scars.

Resources for FFS research3. What does FFS surgery involve?

The best facial feminization surgeons will develop a unique treatment plan based on each patient’s unique facial features and facial harmony. This may be aggressive in areas and subtle in others, depending on your goals and anatomical limits of course.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, some of the most common FFS procedures include: softening of bony structures, like the jaw and forehead; rhinoplasty or nose job; soft tissue procedures, such as cheek implants or lip augmentation; hair transplant surgery or hairline advancement; and tracheal shave or Adam’s apple removal surgery.

4. Who is the best facial feminization provider for you?

Keep in mind that there are a growing number of clinics offering facial gender confirmation surgery yet very few practices worldwide specializing exclusively in FFS surgery. In general, it is best to speak with diverse professionals so you get an idea of the level of expertise of each. This means that you will probably need to travel if you want the best facial feminization surgeons. It is not unusual for patients to go abroad for this type of treatment.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your provider or providers and their level of experience and expertise. There should be an easy and open line of communication, with plenty of time for you to ask a hundred questions so you feel like every base has been covered.  It is an exhausting process, but the only way to feel confident about your choice is to conduct this selective process: compiling the strengths and weaknesses of each, advantages vs. disadvantages, and especially knowing what your priorities are:  price, location, technique, results, reputation etc.

5. Helpful resources for your facial feminization research

Here, we have put together some information you may find helpful as you look for more information about FFS surgery.  From scientific articles on facial gender surgery to personal blogs and vlogs on the topic and a few of the most important portals, here is a good starting point:

Links to Resources for facial feminization research:


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