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should i go abroad for ffs surgery

Should I go abroad for FFS Surgery?

May 19, 2017
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Should I go abroad for FFS Surgery?

“Is it really worth traveling abroad for FFS surgery?”  This is one of the top questions patients have when researching their options for facial feminization surgery providers. It´s a very valid doubt. Traveling abroad implies an investment in time, planning, and money. Plus, going to a foreign country can seem like a scary proposition!

At Facialteam, we get a lot of questions like this from prospective FFS patients in the US and Australia and beyond. They, understandably, are nervous about the thought of traveling to Spain for their facial feminization surgery. They wonder if it’s possible to find comparable providers in their home country.

Perhaps there is no one who can better answer these types of questions than patients who made the trip themselves. Here are two perspectives on this common question from real Facialteam patients. As you will see, one patient takes a logistical stance. The second patient argues from a more holistic viewpoint.

Traveling abroad for FFS surgery: doing the numbers

Patient K.D. from the United States points out that cost and convenience considerations don’t just apply to international travel. She notes that, unless you happen to live very close to one of the few FFS specialists in your home country, you’re going to be paying to travel no matter what. Whereas you might have to pay $600-$1000 for a domestic roundtrip plane ticket, a ticket to Spain could run approximately $1300-$2000. (Although if you plan ahead and live near a major international airport, this could be as low as $600).

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Regarding accommodations, K.D. reminds us that most patients will have to book a hotel room for two weeks in the surgeon’s city. This is true regardless of whether the surgeon is in Spain or your home country, unless you live very close by. Spain hotel rates tend to be comparable or slightly lower than most major US cities. Facialteam has the added benefit of the specialized FFS accommodations in the Health Resort Aldea La Quinta. The economic benefit being, of course, that you don’t need to bring a friend or relative with you to take care of you after the procedure (although you certainly are welcome to), because the medical and professional support staff aim to make you feel at home away from home, but with the extra 24-hour clinical care, onsite.

It’s also a great opportunity to take a trip to an exciting new place!

Traveling abroad for FFS surgery: examining priorities 

Patient A.C., from the United Kingdom, has a different outlook. She considers the travel aspect to be “a second tier issue”, because “it’s your face, you want the best you can get.” She correctly points out that many providers offering facial feminization procedures are really general plastic surgeons, and rely on a single surgeon for every procedure.

Facialteam isn’t just a name, but a surgical philosophy based in specialization and multidisciplinary teamwork. As A.C. says, “You get the benefit of a large team of specialists, rather than one man who may be doing lipo one week, boobs the next and feminising your face the week after.”

This patient stayed at the recommended accommodations and considers it to be a “one-in-the-world kind of deal”.

Patient E.E. from Australia couldn’t agree more, saying that it was totally worth the distance to work with Facialteam.

Facial feminization abroad: a definite yes!

Three patient opinions, three different countries, one clear answer. It absolutely is worth traveling abroad for your facial feminization surgeryFacialteam are the international leaders in this field, and you deserve the best. And when you consider that the travel costs to come to Spain are really quite similar to the costs of staying domestic, there is really no doubt about it.

should i go abroad for ffs surgery