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Night nurse service for FFS patients by FACIALTEAM

May 19, 2016


Special overnight, on-demand attention exclusive for our facial feminization patients

As part of our search for excellence in facial feminization treatment protocols and postoperative care, we are proud to include the support of a professional nursing assistant in our night services.  This is an expert carer experienced in assisting transgender patients. He is available to you the first two nights of hospitalization, a critical time after FFS surgery when patients feel most vulnerable and are in need of a helping hand. Our facial feminization aftercare system is characterized by it´s focus on acute pain control and the minimization of stress, both important factors in healing and the patient´s overall well-being.

FACIALTEAM has taken a step further with aftercare to ensure a peaceful recuperation, so that you, the patient, may find peace of mind knowing you are being looked after overnight. We know that the FFS patient may wake up needing consolation in the middle of the night, in a hospital in a foreign country and after such major surgery, which inevitable may cause some nervousness.  The FACIALTEAM night nurses, Fran and Bibi, are not only outstanding professionals, always discreet and respectful of the need for privacy, but also offer emotional support for those who just need to talk.

But who is Fran? A registered nurse for the facial feminization patient is someone with enough finesse to understand beyond words.  One patient recalls that first night with Fran´s help: “I was quite nervous and scared, in the first hours post-surgery. I called several times in a row via the intercom and in less than a minute Fran appeared in the room.  He even held my hand and helped me feel calm. I was just thirsty, but after seeing how quickly someone came to my side, I was relieved that I would be well cared regardless of whatever might happen.

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Fran´s feedback regarding our patients is very important to FACIALTEAM, as it helps to keep improving the quality of our services. Each day and night we learned something very valuable, proving that even the smallest detail is vital for our patient’s well-being.


FRAN, a FACIALTEAM nursing assistant caring for our patients in the critical first night after surgery

FRAN, a FACIALTEAM nursing assistant