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Livestreams AMA with FACIALTEAM

May 21, 2020

We welcome our fans and followers to our new channel of communication on social media. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) FACIALTEAM livestreams and webinars are happening!

News and popular topics you need, today.

Better said, weekly and mostly on Wednesdays!  I’m Lilia and my pronouns are she and hers. I created the FACIALTEAM FB group 8 years ago, for two reasons: to create a space where we could all supports one another and also a venue that made researching gender identity services simpler, since the information overload is overwhelming nowadays.

These Livestreams are a way to communicate important info to you, our followers, to provide a beacon where your questions regarding transition may be answered. 

What’s Upcoming?

  • Thursday, June 4th -8PM cest+1 / 11am pst

The celebrated Dr. Marci Bowers of California, gender surgeon specialised in “bottom surgery,” will be joining Dr. Simon for a chat about how the pandemic has hit the clinics– which are getting restarted with new safety protocols–plus current difficulties in healthcare for the LGBTI+ community, travelling in a new world, the upcoming SOC8 review and more!  Stay current with the experts, to be transmitted live on our YouTube channel

  • Wednesday, June 10th at 19:00h (CEST+1)

Voice and speech specialists, Christie Block and Christella Antoni, from NYC and London respectively, will jointly present: Feminine Voice Training: Myths & Methods–on our YouTube channel

  • Wednesday, June 17th at 20:00h (CEST+1)

Dr. Z, PHD – Psychologist, gender therapist and trans & non-binary advocate in California, known for her direct-to-the-point YouTube Channel and no-nonsense approach to important themes on transition. Let’s hear more about her philosophy and how counselling around the time of FFS Surgery can be beneficial.

  • Wednesday, June 24th at 20:00h (CEST+1)/ 7PM UK time

Charlie Martin – and surprise guests. An informal chat with some very inspiring people and their perspectives about life on planet Earth nowadays. Lilia will have some good topics ready, but we want to hear from you!   On Instagram!

  • Wednesday, July 1st at 15:00h (CEST+1)/ 2PM Uk time

Helen Webberley of Gender GP – Talking about breaking down barriers to healthcare access with a pioneer in telemedicine for the TGNB community. The host of a healthcare podcast, let’s delve into the virtual world of being an online GP for people from all parts of the gender identity spectrum.


To calculate your local time, we recommend using this time zone converter. Is the event time inconvenient for you? Don’t worry, the streams will be recorded potentially for posterior sharing. In any case, future live events will be scheduled to reach other regions so that we may connect with you too, wherever you live.


There are 3 different platforms we are transmitting to, depending on the date. Follow our social media to stay informed:

Facebook Fanpage

Our YouTube channel


Livestream Q&A with Lilia and special guests–Wednesday’s mostly!

The first Live episode was with Lilia in mid-April, who has been working in the field of FFS Surgery since 2008, when she began as a patient coordinator. Since then, she has managed many live events: a directors discussion about a trans documentary, interviewed experts in medical pigmentation for trans women, things to do when beginning transition as well as introduce her colleagues at FACIALTEAM for special updates and a reveal of our Postoperative Patient Guide.

Lilia says, “I’ve always felt like a patient advocate since my work is building relationships based on trust. Issues like trans healthcare access and patient care systems are part of an ethical foundation crucial to my job of interacting with the minority groups in the LGBTIQ+ community.”

In her inaugural livestream for FACIALTEAM, Lilia addressed some current recurring topics found on platforms like Reddit, Facebook and Youtube on the topic of facial feminization surgery.

“I’ve been listening to the community for over a decade, watching how people have gradually become more proactive, connected with one another and hence better informed about all aspects of medical transition. Now it is our turn as providers to reach out online to provide information in the most transparent way possible.”

Upcoming- Livestreams with Dr. Daniel Simon, News & Updates (English)

Dr. Simon Livestream

Dr. Daniel Simon, cofounder and co-CEO of FACIALTEAM, has reached out via livestream and the recordings are available in the patient group and on our Youtube channel.  Dr. Capitán has duplicated this “update and news” event on May 21st, in Spanish.

Dr. Simon spoke a bit about FACIALTEAM’s career and, most importantly, a glimpse of what is in the works for the future. Closing with a Q&A on the topics participants request in the live event, the talk was a unique opportunity to meet with a facial feminisation surgeon in “public.”

“My main objective with future livestreams is to provide reliable information about FACIALTEAM and facial gender surgery on an easily accessible venue where it is convenient for the community to connect with us.”

The event is sure to be of great value and interest, hearing from and being able to propose questions in real time with an expert in the field.


If you are a member of our private FACIALTEAM Peer Group on Facebook, you may find the replays of the live events exclusive for members there. Public replays are listed below:

  • MAY 2020

documentary film jamie pMAY 6th – Interview with Roger Sherman, director of trans biopic, “The Second Life of Jamie P,” and the protagonist of the documentary, Jamie Peebles. See Replay here.

MAY 8th –  Dr. Simon and Lilia Koss lead a discussion on various facial feminisation topics as well as FACIALTEAM news, which you may also view on our YouTube Channel.

May 13th medical pigmentation and, specifically, restorative tattoo for scars–in particular aureolas! Join Patient Group on Facebook to view.

May 19th – 2nd offering of the Postoperative Patient Guide…she walked us through a the visual presentation, offering valuable advice regarding postoperative care and responding on the spot to some of the most frequently-asked-questions by patients. View on the FACEBOOK fanpage.

May 21st – Dr. Luis Capitán offered a Spanish version of our corporate update on our Facebook Fanpage, discussing current news and plans for a surgical world with COVID-19.

  • May 27th – Dr. William Powers of Powers Family Medicine, a popular GP/MD in Detroit for his “Powers Method” of HRT in gender transition. In discussion with Dr. Daniel Simon and Lilia Koss, see the recording on our Facebook Fanpage.

  • APRIL 2020

APRIL 30th – In our fourth live event in April, FACIALTEAM surgeon, Dr. Javier Gutiérrez spoke with Dr. Octavio Cintra, prominent Brazilian maxillofacial surgeon specialized in Orthognathic Surgery. See the recording on Youtube here.

In conclusion, we look forward to connecting with you online soon. Here to hoping that technology works in our favor without delays or glitches. Please invite your friends to livestream with FACIALTEAM and feel free to write us with any suggestions in the future!