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Hilotherapy and facial feminisation aftercare

June 26, 2012

Dr Luis Capitán and Dr Daniel Simon, FACIALTEAM surgeons and specialists in Facial Feminisation Surgery, have employed hiloterapia (controlled cooling therapy) in hundreds of patients since early 2008, proving its many benefits and pioneering the application in the field of Facial Feminisation.

In many patients, surgery brings up feelings of fear, especially about the pain in the postoperative period. We are often asked about the postoperative symptoms frequently associated with surgery, such as pain, swelling and bruising. Traditionally, cooling is recommended after an intervention, often in the form of short-term chemical packs, bags of frozen peas or simply ice to reduce these effects.

However, these are not the best alternatives because the temperature of frozen material is not optimal for soft tissues due to the negative impact of freezing temperatures on the blood supply and lymphatic drainage.

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A constant cool temperature around 15 degrees Celsius is sufficient to impede bleeding, swelling and bruising in the vascular territory involved (therefore diminishing pain) yet permit lymphatic drainage, so that the mechanisms for healing may continue.

Through the use of hilotherapy, or cryotherapy, we can achieve and maintain a constant temperature and blood supply without blocking lymphatic drainage. Therefore, inflammation and associated pain and bruising are limited considerably, providing a higher degree of comfort, safety and improved results to patients receiving this treatment immediately after surgery for a total of 24 – 48 hours.

Hilotherapy is applied by placing one or more insulated devices, anatomically designed to accurately regulate the temperature of the skin and underlying tissues of the particular area. The system works with various models of “masks” connected to a closed-circuit of fluid maintained at a constant cool temperature, which permits the reduction of postoperative inflammation, ergo limiting pain and bruising. As of 2012, we now have access to new mask designs with improved anatomical fit and excellent performance.

The mask, which is relatively comfortable and easy to put on and remove when necessary, allows us to maintain constant optimum temperatures in the affected area, without the risks of freezing of the tissues.

Our patients often comment on the welcome feeling of relief obtained with the use of hilotherapy. In addition, a lower incidence of problems associated with postoperative inflammation as well as a lower demand for analgesia after surgery have been reported.

ve treatment, especially in cases of facial feminisation, facial bone sculpture, plus oral and orthognathic surgery, with proven advancements in patient comfort, recovery and results.

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Find more in-depth information about how hilotherapy works on the website www.Hilotherapy.com.


About the Authors

Dr. Luis M. Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon are founders and co-directors of FACIALTEAM, an internationally renowned team of professionals specialized in facial feminization surgery, operating together in Marbella, Spain and Sao Paulo, Brazil.