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Beginnings of gender surgery unit in Marbella & Madrid

February 8, 2019

Longtime FT collaborators, Dr. Kai O. Kaye and Dr. Richard Fakin, forge body gender services unit. #beyondgender

FACIALTEAM’s directors are proud to celebrate a decade of collaboration with Dr. Kai O Kaye, German plastic surgeon and founder of Ocean Clinic Marbella. As the official recommendation since 2008 for FT patients wishing to include breast augmentation or other body feminization procedures, as well as other non-surgical cosmetic treatments, many FFS patients have been able to include other gender-affirming treatments during the same visit or even in the same intervention as their facial feminisation.

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Body and Facial Feminization

FT patients have always expressed the desire to be able to combine their time in Marbella for Facial Gender Confirming Surgery with other treatments, when viable.  This would mean saving on costly travel, hotel and potentially even hospital costs, as well as gaining a greater level of gender affirmation in a single visit. Now, given a further consolidation of the concepts behind body feminization surgery, FT is pleased to announce the development of a gender surgery unit at Ocean Clinic, in conjunction with Dr. Richard Fakin of Zurich.

Integrated Services by experienced gender professionals

Initial meetings with Dr. Fakin in Amsterdam at the inaugural EPATH conference in 2014 were the beginning of a mutual interest in widening the services available to patients interested in not only FFS Surgery or breast augmentation but also other popular gender confirming body treatments such as body lipo-feminization and genital reconstruction surgery (GRS). After joining forces with FT and Ocean Clinic, an international collaboration has emerged which seeks to provide integrated services for our patients of all genders.

The gender unit of Ocean Clinic now performs “bottom surgery” in Madrid. Operating according to the Thai technique, which completes the gender confirming surgery in a single operation, translates into shortened recovery time. The method, widely performed by leading gender surgeons, has shown low complication rates (under 3% in last 60 cases). In addition, patients have the choice of two vaginoplasty techniques – employing either skin (penile skin inversion) or colon tissue (sigma colon).

The benefit to patients

Patients are interested in an efficient use of their time, especially those who already have invested in travel from abroad.  These services give the opportunity to take better advantage of their time away from work and family, while remaining within safe parameters for surgical procedures in a given period.

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Gender Surgery and Safety

As is the FT protocol, any patients wishing to combine facial and body procedures, be it in one or two operations, will need to be properly assessed well in advance to confirm the viability of results, the individual’s safety and allow for the correct surgical pre-planning of the multidisciplinary teams.

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Body Feminization Training & Education

An upcoming congress, organized by FT’s R&D director Dr. Fermín Capitán, is aimed at healthcare professionals who work with gender diverse patients and will feature talks on various subjects of gender-affirming surgery. Dr. Kaye and Dr. Fakin are joint keynote speakers on the topic of body gender surgery at the next event of the FACIALTEAM Training & Education Program, taking place in Marbella on April 5th, 2019.  The congress is extremely proud to welcome Ocean Clinic and Dr. Suporn of Thailand, an outstanding specialist with a long history in the field of transgender surgery, who will speak on his wide experience in “bottom surgery” (commonly denominated gender reassignment surgery or GRS, aka SRS) with transgender patients from across the globe.

Ocean Clinic Marbella

Please contact FT for more information regarding FFS combined with body surgery or genital transition surgery at Ocean Clinic.