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FFS Patients: Ema in the News!

April 5, 2011
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Only weeks after surgery…

FFS Patients

Ema came to have her facial feminisation surgery with Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon of Facialteam  in Marbella.  Her surgery was extensive, but not even a month later and she was already the focus of attention!

She underwent forehead contouring, hairline modification, eyebrow lift, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, jaw and chin contouring and a trachea shave.

Read her testimonial here in English.

Ema´s story has been featured in many articles and television interviews (portuguese only):

ema as beiras

“Se gostasse de homens seria tudo muito mais fácil”

O mundo do futebol esta preparado para uma Ema

“O mundo do futebol está preparado para uma Ema?”

Enfermeiro dos seniores da Naval mudou de genero

Enfermeiro dos seniores da Naval mudou de género

Enfermeiro da Naval passa de Emanuel a Ema

Enfermeiro da Naval passa de Emanuel a Ema

Tratam-me por sra enfermeira

“Tratam-me por sr.ª enfermeira”



Dr. Luis M. Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon, founders and directors of Facialteam, an internationally renowned team of professionals specialised in facial feminisation surgery, based in Marbella, Spain.