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FFS Consultations in Marbella. The best assessment option available

June 28, 2016



FFS consultations by FACIALTEAM are available worldwide every month as well as frequent opportunities for Skype video-consultations.

However, we know it is difficult to provide more in-depth feedback about treatment in just a brief meeting. For this reason, we encourage patients who aim to become fully-informed about facial gender confirmation surgery to begin with our comprehensive orientation process in Marbella.

Come to Spain for a facial feminization consultation based on real clinical diagnostics. You will leave with a much clearer idea of what FFS surgery can do for you.

FFS consultations with FACIALTEAM


Free personalized orientations with an intensive evaluation in Marbella.  We provide the most thorough assessment process for people considering Facial Gender Affirmation Surgery. 


  • Complete cranial 3-D CT scans included with same-day processing.  Take your results home.
  • Three-dimensional animated reproduction of your face using 3-D camera technology.
  • A Clinical Photo session provide you with high quality images useful for other consultations, virtual simulations, as well as your pre-surgical records.
  • A lengthy facial feminization consultation with an experienced FFS surgeon and other feminisation specialists (hair transplant team or rhinoplasty expert) as required.  We think FFS deserves to be considered as a specialist field that forms part of necessary treatment for some transgender women, not just one more “aesthetic treatment” at the end of a long list.  For us, FFS is not strictly cosmetic surgery, but a functional treatment that saves lives.
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FACIALTEAM believes that by working as a team permits a higher level of excellence. Lead by the directors, each surgeon may concentrate on one single aspect of the anatomy. Ultimately, the patient benefits from a group of closely integrated professionals united in seeking the best results for you.


  • Virtual FFS, third-party opinion a preliminary photo simulation onscreen of your results, created onsite by an experienced facial gender analyst.
  • A welcome tour of the hospital includes will help you put a face to the people helping you.
  • Finally, you will have a quote and your diagnostic results in hand to take home and think over.
  • We know you have come from afar. You are both nervous and excited about this meeting.  As a courtesy, we don´t want you to worry about where to go. So you can count on a ROUND-TRIP Airport taxi transfer at NO COST plus support for travel planning if needed.  That´s just proof of how we treat facial feminization patients here at FACIALTEAM.


Extras:  To really see what it is like to come for facial feminization surgery, we suggest a tour of the recommended accommodations.


  • Opportunity to visit our Health Resort, a luxurious facility which combines hospitality and clinical care for the ideal recovery of FACIALTEAM patients.  Skilled staff offer experienced nurturing so you really are stress-free. You may come with a friend and don´t forget to write a list of questions!


There are many advantages to a FFS consultation on location.  

See the place where it all happens in an exclusive hospital in Spain.


Our FFS consultations are held at HC Marbella International Hospital, a luxurious private centre in Marbella.

HC Marbella International Hospital  Urbanización Las Mimosas, Calle Ventura del Mar 11, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, SPAIN.


Can´t make it to Spain?


Just contact us for an appointment at your convenience.  In addition, there is always the option to receive an FFS video consultation.  See our calendar of FFS international consultations for a city near you.