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November 3, 2015

In honor of the many wonderful relationships created with facial feminization patients around the world.


As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Today and every day, we want to thank you for involving FACIALTEAM in your life and therefore the larger community to which we all belong. Often, the smiles seen in our photos symbolize closure to the FFS journey that we have shared together in expectation, after long hours of preparation, learning about each other, laughter and tears of emotion with goodbyes…which are never forever!


facial feminisation orientations.


We at FACIALTEAM believe the value in helping another human is without parallel.  This concept was emphasized by Dr. Simon one day on a train to New York facial feminization orientations when asked why he chose to work with transgender patients; “It´s rewarding.  It makes me want to be the best I can at what I do.”

Thanks to you and many other charity and non-profit associations who aim to raise visibility and acceptance for “girls like us”…something that not so long ago seemed, frankly, impossible. Now more than ever society echoes the trans reality. So now more than ever is the time to unite in celebration –as Dr. Capitán once said on one of many trips to trans conferences — “of the amazingly infinite diversity of the human being”.


The right to be who you are fuels FACIALTEAM´s ongoing commitment to remain by your side.  Thank you!



Written by patient coordinator, Tamara Blanco.  Translated to English and edited by patient relations manager, Lilia Koss.
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