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New sections of Facialteam: involvement with trans health

December 15, 2017
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Facialteam is excited to announce new sections on its website which share relevant information about the new treatments offered by the team as well as the latest scientific advances and developments in the trans health sector.


The surgical group continues to figure as pioneers in the field of Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery among trans health providers around the world. As part of this commitment, we would like to highlight the professionals that comprise our team, ensuring everyday that an ever-improving efficiency in the process of facial feminization, from beginning to end.  In addition, always committed to the advancement of science, Facialteam has dedicated a part of its human and material resources for generating new research in transgender health, such as the development of complementary treatments, improvement in existing surgical techniques and the refining of diagnostic tools with 3D technology, among other objectives.


Beyond FFS Surgery in trans health


As for the experience of the patients, a new section for patient postop skincare and other topical treatments for trans women has initiated in collaboration with April’s ToucH. Although facial harmonization surgery deals with marked features at the bone level, it should not be forgotten that the perception of the face is a consequence of an array of details. That is why April’s ToucH has designed, together with Facialteam, a series of specialized products for women who want to make the final touches to enhance their feminine image. Among other treatments which add value to trans health alternatives, April’s ToucH offers MICRO-FEMINIZATION® of the hairline, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips as well as to camouflage any visible scars or imperfections on the face and body.


In the section Our Center, amplified information of the facilities and services is provided so that patients can visualize the environment where it all happens, affording some peace of mind by getting to know every aspect of facial feminization with Facialteam, a future home away from home.

Trans health studies and technological innovations 


As mentioned above, unique differentiating points of  Facialteam are its focus on scientific studies and the push for the inclusion of FFS as a recognized improvement in trans health. For this reason, readers may continue to find new website sections in which you will be able to check the latest developments at a corporate and scientific level:

Training & Education, whose main task is to share the theoretical concepts of facial gender upon which facial feminization surgery relies, study the current techniques and discover ways to improve all aspects of the facial transition protocol.


New sections of Facialteam: involvement with trans health

– Within the Research section, projects and technological innovations are included. This section outlays the projects in which Facialteam collaborates with different institutions at a national and international level, discussing the advances in both surgical techniques and materials aimed for future incorporation.


Research publications, where you can consult the original articles and book chapters published by the Facialteam R&D department´s team of doctors specialized in facial feminization.


Scientific events is where you can learn more about medical events related to the trans health and FFS surgery. It is worth noting the continuation of the Transition Congresses for Women held in Australia, with the collaboration of Dr. Kim of Yeson Voice Center, an expert in the feminization of the voice, and Dr. Marci Bowers, an expert in gender confirmation surgery based in California, USA.


– The Partners and Sponsorships sections detail the relationships with other leading professionals and medical providers in the sector as well as the participation of Facialteam in associations or events to promote the trans health across the globe.


Introducing Facialteam’s social responsibility work, devoted to trans health


Finally, we want to highlight Facialteam’s charity work (in process), dedicated to visualizing and empowering transgender people. Training and information are necessary when integrating people who suffer discrimination due to their gender diversity. The main activity of the this future program will be to facilitate Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery for the most disadvantaged women at high risk of suicide or social exclusion, in which case the physical transition signifies an important aspect in order to reintegrate socially, access employment or recover something as yet simple as self-esteem and the confidence to walk down the street without fear of violence or discriminatory references.


Aware that our resources are limited and this assistance cannot reach all in need, we will work in parallel on the training of students and professionals, through universities and seminars, with the aim that our contribution leads to a future where trans health is considered a necessity within society.


Facialteam’s Social Responsibility: Aiming to augment the altruism in the world, the exchanges of trust between communities and an environment of tolerance.