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facialteam in evolution

Facialteam in evolution | #MoreMe #SoMe

November 5, 2020
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In a totally unexpected 2020, here we continue- Facialteam in evolution.  A year which has revolutionized the way many see the world. A year in which the pandemic has made evident an Achilles heel of international clinics: a dependence on open borders and access to international travel.

We remain by your side 

FT has taken the covid situation in stride, adeptly serving affected patients in every way possible

However, we want to go the extra mile for you.

Facialteam in evolution

We took the pause during confinement as an opportunity to look back on the trajectory of Facialteam in evolutionHistory isn’t written in a day. Ours began over 10 years ago with just two surgeons. 

Since then, our “Facialteamer” family has grown, thanks to dedication, hard work and our great community of patients.  

From our origins in 2010 to today, excellence and humanity imbues every aspect of our work. These values are the foundation of our current symbol and behind its evolution.  So, after years practicing the use of an all-caps version, “Facialteam,” it is time to adapt ourselves more to you.

timeline logo facialteamFacialteam is now Facialteam.  A rejuvenated and more feminine version of the same heart. 

A new look for the same heart

In this epoch of change, a challenge for everyone, we continue to reinvent ourselves.

We have taken advantage to reflect on our mission, vision and values, with input from all levels of the team.  Our appearance has been renewed, but our essence is the same as always.

In pursuit of excellence, as always.

Facialteam has always believed in excellence on all levels. The FT philosophy reflects this.

Our growth mindset and positive outlook has helped us become skilled at adapting to perpetual change.  Creating a scientific research & investigation department and professional training programs are examples of how innovation is part of our DNA.

Facialteam has always evolved with you, aiming to be even more human, even more diverse. So, more is to come.

“Working towards the Facialteam of tomorrow.”

More me, So Me.

In summary, the concepts behind our updated logo are directly related to the fact that facial feminizing surgery is a personal choice.

Listening to so many patients say, “It’s for me,” has drawn us to a realization.  The truth is that it is about self affirmation, with all the beautiful diversity that the word “self” includes. It’s fantastic to hear patients say how they feel, “More me.” Yet, we want to take that a step further. Facialteam is now “So Me.”

What does the Facialteam symbol signify?

We have asked patients what the FT logo symbolizes to them and caught their answers in video.

These recordings are of patients from 2017-2018, but their responses are still valid today.

What does the Facialteam logo represent?

The symbol was intentionally created to represent many things, among them, a heart. 

We also asked patients years ago what they think our logo is. Their answers are all correct:  a butterfly, an orchid, one face behind another, a shell opening, two supporting hands. Watch for more: 

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