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facialteam holidays 2020

You are our guiding light – Shine bright this holiday season!

December 18, 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

From the top and bottom of our hearts, we give thanks to all our collaborators, allies, patients, professionals and staff for making our work possible for yet another year. You are all exceptionally exceptional!

In this video below, you will hear from just a small sample of the people who contribute in making Facialteam, as a whole, exceptional too. Not everyone could fit in a minute-long clip, so to you who are reading this, Thank you for your part too!  Every bit counts.

Facialteam Holiday Greetings 2020

From our family to yours

The year 2020 has been a challenge for everyone, but we do not want the difficulties to overcome the good memories. It has been an exercise in resilience and growth for all of us this year. The Facialteam family is very proud of what we have achieved and are so pleased that you form part of our story.

Let’s not forget to shine these holidays and welcome the new year with open arms.

Highlights of a challenging 2020

Thanks to an extended family of partners, professionals, patients, their partners and parents, educators and staff for helping Facialteam grow in 2020.

In a year where we were forced to close for 3 months and navigate a new “normal,” we managed to welcome hundreds of patients to Marbella, publish multiple scientific papers, attend various online congresses, organize dozens of events and conduct over a thousand informative consultations with people just beginning their research into FFS.  All while some members of the team were not able to work 100%.  Now that’s dedication!

We have launched a fresh look to our logo, been involved with local social responsibility projects to protect healthcare workers as well as raise the visibility of the trans community through art.  Three prominent trans activists have been supported through our sponsorships and our new livestream series has over 30 episodes to date!  Generating 57 blog posts, we have made a concerted effort to communicate the valuable information you need in handy capsules!

Family at the center of Facialteam

The theme of our communications this month has been family. The parents, partners, educators, administrators, offspring, siblings, friends, coworkers and more do not only play a supportive role in transition. They also have to process in their own parallel adjustment period when someone close to them is exploring their gender identity.

Please visit our blog posts and livestreams on the topic, as we look beyond the patient, towards the people who are fundamental to creating a more accepting society: your loved ones.  We hope these resources bring light and joy to your journeys in gender.

Dedication to our patients:

Remember, if anyone can, you can too.

You are Love, You are Light. We see you! You deserve to shine!