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Transgender Day of Visibility: FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION receives “T for Trans” Award in Marbella

March 30, 2018

In preparation for the International TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY on March 31st, the City of Marbella recently organized their first edition of “T for Trans” Awards Ceremony to recognize community members dedicated to bringing trans issues to the foreground on the Costa del Sol.

The 15th of March is also locally celebrated as the anniversary of a landmark national law protecting the rights of the LGBTI against discrimination, now 11 years ago, which places Spain in the forefront of social progress for this minority group.  So March is quite special, and this year even more so.

“T for Trans” awards for #TDOV2018

We were proud to see the Councilor for Diversity, Mrs. Isabel Cintado, present Tamara Blanco Jimenez a certificate of recognition for her commitment to the cause of the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION project.

The Area of Equality and Diversity of the City Council also awarded Emily Ayuso for her work raising the visibility of the trans community and the Chrysallis Foundation for their support of families with transgender children.  The international transgender day of visibility continues to spread it´s influence

Transgender Day of Visibilty award

The FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION project and Transgender Visibility

The FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION, still in the constitution phase, has as president and vice president Dr. Luis Miguel Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon, founders of FACIALTEAM. Together with the Project Director, Tamara Blanco, they work on initiatives of social utility in favor of the most vulnerable people within the transgender population, through the visibility of all their needs, promoting respect, equality and social inclusion.

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Among the needs of trans women seeking a surgical transition, facial gender is essential because it is involuntarily transmitted to others in public and inevitably may affect the self-esteem of individuals who struggle to be percieved in their chosen gender. However, not everyone requires surgery; that is why the work of the FOUNDATION goes beyond Facial Gender Affirming treatment to also improving the quality of life of transgender people in a very integral way.

The future of the Transgender Day of Visibility

In her thank-you speech for “T for Trans” Award, Tamara highlighted:

“Receiving a recognition like this today, reminds me that there are many people who, for a few hours, for days, for months and sometimes for a whole life, forget about themselves and dedicate their energy to improve the lives of other people.”

She continues, “Four years ago I joined a medical group called FACIALTEAM, lead by the directors, Dr. Luis Miguel Capitán Cañadas (from Granada) and Dr Daniel Simon (from Sao Paulo), who 10 years ago dreamed that together they could continue specializing in something that would help those who needed it the most and this is how their service in Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery began,  here in Marbella. I do not know how they do it, but their humility and dedication spreads to the whole team.”

“Today the more than 30 staff, including surgeons, coordinators, administrators and the personnel of different departments, are all focused on improving the quality of life of transgender women. A few months ago we started a new project, for me the most motivating of all, the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION, because of its focus directly on the least privileged  individuals within the trans community…”

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Transgender Day of  Visibility is a day to talk positively, to celebrate diversity, the different ways of being and expressing ourselves, to remind us that being trans or of other gender identities are just one more manifestation of the wealth of diversity of humankind and that there are many more similarities that unite us than the differences that separate us. I want to live in an inclusive society, where we are proud of having diverse friends and family, and that tomorrow we do not need labels because we have understood that we are just people, and that our passage through this life is so fleeting that we should keep it simple while we continue working together.”

“I want to end with a quote from the French sociologist, Alaine Touraine, who says that ” Equality, to be democratic, must mean the right of each to choose and govern his own existence, the right to individualization against all the pressures .”

Who started the Transgender Day of Visibility, why and what you can do.

Rachel Crandall of Transgender Michigan (USA) began TDOV in 2010 to celebrate the trans community in a positive light. Read more about it here. Since 2013, Trans Student Educational Resources has spearheaded the initiative which continues to grow and gain popularity across borders. TDOV is a day to show your support for the trans community, celebrate accomplishments of trans people around the globe and spreading knowledge of the trans community as a way to counteract transphobia. In comparison with Transgender Day of Remembrance (#TDOV in November), this is not for mourning victims yet for celebrating accomplishments in the reach for equality.

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