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Why do people choose to have facial feminization abroad? The reasons to go out of the country for FFS Surgery

March 10, 2017


With the rising costs of healthcare in many countries, more and more people are looking beyond borders for certain medical procedures. This practice has come to be known as “medical tourism” and can include commonplace surgeries like a hip replacement, or highly specialized procedures, like having facial feminization surgery abroad (now also know as facial gender confirmation or FGCS). Some of the most popular countries for medical tourism in general have been Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Iran, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and Turkey.

Like cosmetic surgery, facial feminization and other gender confirmation surgeries are considered elective procedures by most insurance companies and are usually not covered under most health plans. When you factor in the highly specialized nature of FFS surgery, costs can quickly become unattainable for many people. Most of the popular medical tourism countries have lower healthcare costs across the board, while still holding themselves to the same standard of care and good medical practices as our home countries…sometimes even better.




Cost is a major reason why many women choose to have facial feminization surgery abroad, but it certainly isn’t the only reason. Here, you’ll find some of the other reasons why you might considering traveling to another country for this procedure.


Why have facial feminization surgery abroad?


Another major reason for seeking facial feminization surgery abroad that is often overlooked is the fact that the number of providers who really specialize in this type of surgery is extremely small, although many clinics claim to offer it. It’s very likely that you’ll have to do quite a bit of traveling anyway just to get to the nearest FFS surgeon, and if you want to be able to compare two or more EXPERIENCED providers and choose the one you are most comfortable with, traveling is almost a certainty. Given the considerable importance of this procedure compared to your average run-of-the-mill cosmetic surgery, you definitely want the flexibility to find the most qualified surgeon, regardless of where they are located in the world.

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Lastly, having your facial feminization surgery abroad is a great excuse to take a well-deserved vacation in a new and exciting place. Your recovery time will vary depending on the exact surgeries you have done, but in many cases you’ll be back on your feet about one week and able to explore. Marbella, Spain is home to FACIALTEAM’s European surgical center, and happens to be one of Southern Spain’s most popular tourism destinations. Many patients have taken extra time before surgery to visit popular European destinations or simply arrive here early to take a mini-vacation soaking up the sun, enjoying the historic architecture and getting a taste of Spanish culture from the city’s friendly residents.

We think Marbella is the perfect location for facial feminization surgery abroad: just a short plane ride away from many patients, gorgeous weather, warm people, and just the right balance of “new and exciting” and “comfortably familiar”. But most importantly, it’s the years of specialized experience, the multidisciplinary team, the personalized approach and the superior level of care during every step of the process – from initial consultation through 1-year of recovery – that make FACIALTEAM the ideal location for FFS surgery abroad.