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Three Pillars of Facial Feminization Surgery

July 7, 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Facial Feminization scars should be hidden for a more natural result.

Obtaining the best results possible for our FFS patients is our top priority, but what exactly does that mean? Many prospective patients are apprehensive about such a drastic procedure being done on the most visible part of the body—the face. Will the results look natural or will I look like I’ve “had work done”? Will there be apparent facial feminization scars? Will I still be me after FFS surgery?

Believe it or not, we are going to give more details about our success here and now.  Why? In the hope that the future generation of providers may take advantage of this knowledge.  And also for you, the patient, so you may make a more informed decision about a major step in your transition.

These common concerns form the basis of our philosophy at FACIALTEAM. We call them the three pillars of facial feminization surgery:

  1. Natural results
  2. Invisible or hidden scars
  3. Maintaining the patient’s core identity.

Our FFS surgery philosophy

Our world-class surgical team has developed this three-pillar philosophy over the course of more than a decade of specializing in facial feminization and facial gender confirmation surgeries. Together, they allow us to reveal the feminine face that each patient already has, with results that patients love.

1. Natural results

The key to achieving natural results from FFS surgery is to address mainly the masculine aspects of each face, primarily altering facial features which contribute to a masculine appearance. Therefore, results look more natural, you still have a family resemblance.  Nothing like the artificial appearance we might associate with someone who has gone a bit overboard with plastic surgery.

This is also why the initial consultation is so important. Our experts are able to determine which features are more masculinizing in your face and which are not. This allows us to create your unique plan which helps establish realistic expectations. To see FFS results, visit our Facial feminization surgery, before and after gallery.

2. Invisible or hidden facial feminization scars

Nobody wants to walk away from a surgical procedure with visible scarring, but many of the conventional techniques used do result in facial feminization scars. We are committed to ensuring that scars are invisible or hidden by making most incisions inside the mouth or behind the hairline.

Unlike some practices who operate through an incision made at the hairline, visible even after healing, FACIALTEAM’s innovative surgical approach gives you the confidence of knowing that scars won’t “give you away.” No one will suspect that you’ve had surgery done.

3. Maintain core identity

You are yourself, and you will keep being yourself after surgery. This is perhaps our most important goal when performing FFS surgery. Many people don’t realize that everyone has a feminine face within, regardless of the sex on their birth certificate or gender identity. This is because masculinization of the face is an additive process that occurs at puberty. By understanding this process, it is possible to “subtract” the masculine through facial feminization surgery, revealing the underlying feminine version of you.

With this approach, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are still the same person; and it’s still your face just the feminine version of it.

These three pillars—natural results, invisible facial feminization scars, and maintaining your core identity—guide our surgical team in all they do. Combined with our unmatched patient care protocols, this philosophy is how FACIALTEAM ensures the best results and overall experience for each and every patient who places their trust in our hands.