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Virtual UK consultations

UK Facial Feminisation Consultations with Virtual FFS

July 15, 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you are considering FFS or facial feminisation surgery, our Virtual Orientation team invites you to attend our free UK facial feminisation video-consultations on Skype. You’ll learn about the process of facial feminisation, the techniques and may be able to see virtual FFS results created from your photographs. Our expert coordinator will also be there to answer all of your questions about logistics, facial feminisation surgery cost in Spain and more.

Don’t feel intimidated, the orientation is a streamlined conversation with the surgeon and coordinator who listen and provide you with specific information about facial feminising surgery in Marbella.

Whether you would like to meet us at one of our facial feminisation surgery online events, visit our centre in Marbella, or simply schedule a video-appointment via Skype, our team is looking forward to providing you with comprehensive information about FFS Surgery.

What is a Virtual UK Facial Feminisation orientation?

Get answers to all your questions about facial feminisation surgery in one sitting: your surgical plan, the FFS cost and more from a comprehensive care team in one online meeting that includes multiple facets:

      • A leading European FFS Surgeon provides general information about the techniques.
      • A specially trained digital artist generates an onscreen photo simulation of potential realistic results based on photos you have sent in advance.

“One of the benefits of attending our facial feminisation surgery UK or Marbella events is the chance to discuss your surgical plan with the help of a virtual photo simulation based on realistic possibilities.”


Photo credit: Alexandra Hamer of VirtualFFS.co.uk


  • The Patient Relations Coordinator is available to offer supplemental and logistical details and may help you connect with former patients who are open to sharing experiences and advice.

What is the Virtual UK Visit process?

Attend the video-consultation with a friend or other loved-one who is supporting you in transition and don’t forget to jot down any questions you want to ask!

First, you will enter the Skype call where our coordinator will greet you with a concise briefing. You will then have a 30-minute approx personal consultation with a team surgeon in which you will be able to view and discuss virtual simulations of your photos (if sent as per specs below).

Finally, the orientation coordinator will have links to illustrative videos, descriptive flyers and more information on hand to assist you in making the well-informed decision which is right for you.  You will normally receive a written evaluation and quote the same day, unless further details or consultations are required.

What should I do now?

How can I best prepare for my consultation? See steps below:

  1. Registering for our FFS surgery UK consultation on September 10th, 2020 is free and easy. Sign up here soon to reserve as space is limited!
  2. Read how to take your own decent photos for the digital simulation.  Here is a photo guide on what’s best. Send the photos well in advance so your simulation will be ready for the day of the consultation.
  3. Get your questions together. Here is a guide on how to prepare for the consultation.
  4. In the meantime, connect with our community of 3500 members in our private group on Facebook, please join us!  You will find mentors, photos and chats organized in the most frequently discussed hot topics.

More questions about our Virtual UK visit?

Can’t make it on that date?

Don’t worry, if for some reason you aren’t able to make it to our next FFS UK event, do not despair as other alternatives are available.  You may schedule a Skype video-consultation with one of our FFS surgeons, available on the short term.  However, the ideal option is take a well-deserved vacation and come visit us in beautiful Marbella, where we “treat” you to a few things valuable for your peace of mind as well as your FFS Surgery research:

  • round-trip airport transfer to Marbella
  • Cranial 3-D CT Scan
  • Clinical HD photo session
  • Comprehensive full consultation with multiple specialists if necessary
  • tours of hospital and our recommended accommodations in the Old Town city center.
  • Virtual FFS digital simulation with third-party advice by facial gender analyst

Facialteam has been forging collaborations with other leading transgender specialists, always striving to improve the services provided to patients in both the public and private sector. We are active in medical research and advocacy for FFS. This has earned Facialteam a reputation of excellence in facial feminisation surgery in the UK and all around the globe.

We look forward to seeing you soon !