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Free facial feminisation Seminars in UK with Virtual FFS

August 4, 2017

If you are considering FFS surgery, our orientation team invites you to free facial feminisation seminars UK, including demonstrations of virtual simulations of potential results.

Whether you would like to attend one of our UK events, our center in Marbella or simply schedule a video-appointment via Skype, our team is looking forward to providing you with comprehensive information about FFS.

Facial Feminisation Seminars UK

Get answers to all your facial feminization questions from a comprehensive team:

  1. A leading European FFS Surgeon provides general information about the techniques.
  2. Alexandra Hamer of VirtualFFS.co.uk, expert in Facial Gender Analysis and digital artist, generates an onscreen photo simulation on-site.
  3. Coordinators working in the field for 10 years offer standardized photographs for your files and research.
  4. Ex-patients guide a peer-support group on.

Our team has been forging a union with other leading transgender specialists, always seeking to improve the services provided to patients in both public and private sectors. We are active in medical research and advocacy for FFS. This has earned FACIALTEAM a reputation of excellence in facial feminization surgery in the UK and all around the globe.

FACIALTEAM is based in Marbella, Spain and Sao Paolo, Brazil. But don’t worry, because you don’t have to book an international flight to get an expert opinion by our surgical and care team. We offer international events periodically where you can attend our seminars in London, as well as cities in 5 continents.


“Digital representations of your own surgical results are simultaneously created right before your eyes. The peer support group begins with a greeting by a former patient who will share their personal experience in FFS.  High quality head-shots are taken so you have what´s needed for your FFS research. ”

You may come with a friend and don´t forget to write a list of questions!

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Our reception area is open all day to walk-ins, encouraging people who simply want to meet others interested in FFS.  The ongoing peer-support group helps in the search for data about FFS surgery providers, plus the orientation team will have on hand illustrative videos, case presentations and more information to ensure you make a well-informed decision.

How can I register?

Registering is free and easy. You have several options:

Can’t make it on that date?

If for some reason you aren’t able to make it to our next UK event, don’t worry! Just contact us for an appointment at your convenience. You can schedule a virtual Skype consultation with our FFS surgical team, or take a well-deserved vacation and come visit us in beautiful Marbella.



One of the benefits of attending our facial feminization surgery UK and Marbella events is the chance to meet with the extraordinary Alexandra Hamer. A trained artist, she has dedicated the last fifteen years to studying the complex art and science of facial gender. Her unique insight is invaluable for understanding what really makes the human brain perceive a face as being feminine or masculine.