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Guest speaker at the International Facial Makeover Congress. BRUSSELS. June 2014

April 6, 2014
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Facial Makeover Conference
Inaugural edition – 2014 Brussels

Dr. Capitán of Facialteam is very pleased to take part in a new multidisciplinary initiative, being one of the select invited speakers for the 1st Facial Makeover Meeting in June 2014. He will be presenting clinical studies of his work in facial feminization surgery.

In the words of Professor Maurice Mommaerts, founder and chairman of the Scientific Committee:

“The subspecialty of facial makeover was created out of a generation of patients used to the internet and online, instant access to information. Few professionals are yet in a situation where they are able to combine a complete spectrum of procedures resulting in a full facial makeover. This meeting aims to bring all aspects of the wide range of expertise together in Brussels, to generate interaction between specialists from all disciplines, and ultimately to share, teach and learn…The innovation index already indicates that we want fresh ideas on stage. Indeed, science starts with an innovative idea that challenges the gold.”

The congress will be attended by many leading professionals worldwide, including the President of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine, the Director of Maxillofacial Institute and Teknon of Barcelona, and many from as far as the USA and beyond. See endorsements in video here.

The International Scientific Committee:

Linda Dixon, MD, Ohau, Hawaii, USA.

Federico Hernandez-Alfaro, MD DDS PhD FEBOMFS, Barcelona, Spain.

Gabriele Millesi, MD DMD, Vienna, Austria.

Maurice Mommaerts, MD DMD PhD FEBOMFS, Brussels, Belgium (Chairman).

Nasser Nadjmi, MD DMD PhD FEBOMFS, Antwerp, Belgium.

Joseph Niamtu III, DMD, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Mirco Raffaini, MD DMD PhD, Milan, Italy.

Abel-Jan Tasman, MD PhD, St Gallen, Switzerland.

Henri Thuau, MD DDS FRCS (OMFS), London, UK

The Surgical Art of Facial Makeover by Prof. M. Mommaerts