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FACIALTEAM´s own makeover

June 8, 2015

What is the FFS Specialists new company logo?  A heart? A butterfly? An opening chrysalis or orchid?  It´s open to your interpretation.

facialteam new logo coming soon
facialteam new logo revealed

Our philosophy of always aiming to exceed patient expectations has lead us to cutting edge of technology, superior clinical care and highly organized informational and coordination services.  FACIALTEAM is proud of our growing team´s achievements, driven jointly by a passion to perfect the finest details and a sincere desire to advance the field of facial feminization surgery.

The directors, Dr. Capitán and Dr. Simon, are not interested in being just another FFS clinic, yet one which is giving back to the trans community by reaching out to professional and social organizations and creating new avenues of research and collaboration…ultimately in benefit of all patients

So, after years of development, the time has come for a makeover of our own!  It has been a long while with our current beloved logo, but based upon our directors´ vision of future combined work in facial gender research and charity activities, we now reveal the new “look”.   FACIALTEAM´s infrastructure is constantly being fortified, part of the reason we are world leaders in the sector.  So now with a little TLC, a modernized logo has been created which we feel better represents us now and which will accompany us in the coming years.

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Facial team - FFS specialists
The original FACIALTEAM logo has been retired as we grow with the community.

The implementation of the updated aesthetic will happen over the course of the following weeks, gradually, on our website and all the social networks.  Despite the fact that our commercial image is changing, it´s a move forward, a sign of an ever strengthening team that´s growing to meet the demands of our patient community.

Facial team members

The same people you know as FACIALTEAM remain here as always,

now even better than before.