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Acupuncture in facial feminisation recovery

September 11, 2019
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved acupuncture as an adjuvant therapy for pain management. For our patients, the goals of acupuncture in facial feminisation are adapted to their typical postoperative circumstances: to alleviate inflammation, pain and stress. This translates into quality sleep and the relaxation needed for a more satisfactory healing experience.

Acupuncture in facial feminisation

The strategy of acupuncture in facial feminisation patients is two-fold:

acupuncture facial feminisation

  1. Regulate the energy meridians to re-balance the flow of fluids blocked after an operation, so inflammation may subside.
  2. Increase the level of endorphins in the system, substances with analgesic effects.


Medical acupuncture therapy for facial feminisation patients

We may use different techniques that complement each other: auriculotherapy, acupuncture, electroacupuncture and laser acupuncture.  Read more details about Dr. Jiménez’s protocols for acupuncture in our comprehensive care section. As FT’s acupuncturist for facial feminisation patients explains, “The therapy is relaxing, creating the sense of well-being optimal for post-operative healing.”

Medical Acupuncture - Dr. Jimenez - acupuncture facial feminisation

We can say that acupuncture is a very safe therapy technique, performed by an experienced professional, since it practically never has adverse effects.

Facialteam offers patients a method of distal acupuncture which acts on the meridians of the head, face and neck, yet stimulating them from a distance. This way, we treat the facial area without the need for acupuncture directly on recently operated tissue.

Depending on the surgery performed and their health status, needles may be inserted in either legs or arms, or in all four members. One or two sessions are provided for each patient within the first week after surgery when the benefits are at a maximum. The objective is to correct the energy balance of the meridians of the face, head and neck to accelerate the natural physiological processes of tissue regeneration and homeostasis. In addition, the powerfully relaxing anti-stress effect of acupuncture in facial feminisation patients helps with sleep regulation when it is needed most.

acupuncture in FFS patientsVery fine caliber acupuncture needles of sterilised stainless steel (0.22 mm) come with a silicone coating for minimally noticeable insertion. However, drops of blood may appear in the puncture sites when removing the needle, which is easily resolved by applying gentle pressure. Sometimes, a slight bruise may appear around the needle sites.

About the Acupuncture Specialist

Dr. Jiménez is a licensed medical practitioner with a masters in Clinical Neurophysiology, with decades of experience within the government health service of Andalusia. He is also a Medical Acupuncturist, with memberships in the Spanish medical societies of Neurophysiologist, Epilepsy and Acupuncturists and published author of scientific research on related studies.

The World Health Organization stance on acupuncture:

Empirical and scientific evidence exists to support the benefits of acupuncture, manual therapies and several medicinal plants for chronic or mild conditions. For instance, the effectiveness of acupuncture, a popular treatment for relieving pain, has been demonstrated both through numerous clinical trials and laboratory experiments. As a result, 90% of pain clinics in the United Kingdom and 70% in Germany include acupuncture as a form of treatment.