Patient's Voices

Lavine Holanda shares how Facial Feminization affected her Life

Lavine Holanda participated in her first Brazilian beauty contest in 2005, coming in third place. In 2006, she returned to the same competition, this time gaining second place and in 2009 she finally won the title of Miss Paraná. Having “conquered” Brazil, she left the country in search of more competition.  

She earned yet another title in 2012 at Miss Trans Star International (Barcelona). Thereafter she travelled to Italy, to battle the title of Miss Trans Universo 2013, winning the crown. More recently, Lavine travelled to Thailand, sponsored by Facialteam, to represent Brazil in the biggest Miss Trans* event worldwide, Miss International Queen.

Laviny shares her FFS surgery testimonial with her own words:

“In 2015 I had the bones on my forehead and eyebrow feminised, as well as the scar of my Adam’s Apple corrected.”

In her FFS Surgery testimonial, Lavine speaks of how her life has changed:

“I feel happier, I feel more secure when I look at myself in the mirror and at how people look ate me in the streets, with more discretion, with less doubts like”is it a woman, is it a man?” because Facialteam made my face much more feminine.”

Regarding the clinic where she had her FFS, she says, “Facialteam is a wonderful team, with very capable professionals, amazing treatment with the patients…frome the orientations via Skype, or by phone, or personally when you come here until the day you leave, they treat you really well, make you feel super confortable and at the end of the day, the results are amazing.”

Does she have regrets?  “I am very proud to be a Facialteam patient, to benefit from of this wonderful group, the positive and effective results. I always say, Facialteam’s results are very natural. For people seek a natural feminization, I recommend Facialteam.”