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It takes a village – FFS Support sessions are not just for patients

The FFS support group in Marbella is moderated weekly by our staff psychologist, Mayte. Although designed to bring patients together for helpful discussion, it is not just for the person having facial feminization surgery! The patient’s companions, partners, parents, family, or friends are inevitably also experiencing their own adaptation period parallel to their loved one’s gender transition.  For this reason, the support sessions welcome everyone involved in the gender exploration process.

Support sessions for your support network

Facialteam goes the extra mile for you and your companions during the FFS Surgery process. Yet it’s not just about facial gender surgery. More than just surgeons and secretaries, we also offer mental health support in an individual and group setting with our staff psychologist, Marina. After all, it takes a village…

An important part of our integral care system puts the patient and the partner or parent’s wellbeing first, be it before, during or after surgery.

What happens in the FFS support group?

Psychological care in gender transition is part of Facialteam’s comprehensive healthcare, for both your physical and mental health during and after your FFS surgery. Caring for your global wellness allows patients and their companions to feel looked after.

Feeling understood and supported is the prime objective of the FFS support sessions, for both the individual having surgery and the family. So the support group is a gathering in a safe space, in Hotel La Villa.  Our therapist simply encourages those who wish to share their experiences, feelings, emotions, uncertainties and joys with each other.  It’s ok to just listen too.

What’s the point of FFS support sessions?

  • Before surgery, it’s part of our comprehensive care. We like to have an idea of your emotional circumstances and to address any specific emotional needs before surgery.
  • We want you to feel emotionally supported and your relatives and companions too. Talking about the stress, your concerns and fears puts everyone at ease.
  • Our groups aim to help people feel that they are not alone, and maybe even encourage bonds with others “in the same boat”.  Sharing emotions and points of view is cathartic and builds a sense of community.
  • We have scientific objectives too that are better understood from a professional psychological perspective. Evaluating satisfaction and expectations, as well as studying the effects of facial gender affirming surgery on the self-perception and well-being of patients, are important to our research and development to advance the field.

Family at the center of Facialteam

It takes a village to raise each and every member of society. That’s why Facialteam works as if it were a family.  And also why your family is welcome here too.

Once or twice a week, the coordinator will remind you of the FFS support groups. Individual sessions may be arranged by appointment. No additional charge applies.

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Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
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