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JAWContour - jaw and chin feminization

What is JAWContour®? | 3D Precision in Jaw and Chin Feminization Surgery

January 15, 2022
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Facialteam is very pleased to present the result of years of research in jaw and chin feminization by Facialteam.

When we founded  Facialteam more than 12 years ago, we chose to focus exclusively on Facial feminization surgery. Our vision has always been to improve surgical techniques in this amazing field in order to provide the predictable and reliable results that our patients from all over the world deserve.

Welcome to the revolution in jaw and chin feminization, JAWContour®. 

Our history in Jaw and chin feminization

Since 2010 we have been developing our methods in Jaw and chin recontouring for the greatest accuracy, from planning to execution.  Details such as even smaller incisions and milimetrical precision in bone cuts make for gains in safety for nerves and soft tissues, which in turn reduces postoperative bruising and swelling for a better recovery and final outcome.

We are proud to officially introduce JAWContour®, a 3D planning protocol that is a game-changer in Jaw and chin gender affirming surgery.

How does this improve jaw and chin feminization surgery?

To explain, we start by obtaining a 3D Ct scan. Then, this is uploaded to our personalized software so we may design the exact bone cuts to perform for you, avoiding the risk of nerve damage and asymmetrical cuts.

The design is then translated into a three-dimensional print, what we call a cutting guide, like a template which can be tested on models and then employed during surgery.  Together with ultrasonic bone cutting instruments, the guides have dramatically reduced risks and surgical time so we may offer the best possible results for our patients.

Here is Dr. Simon’s introduction video on our Instagram channel:


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The JAWContour® Method Video

“Excellence is the direct result of persistent diligence.” 

A motto we like to remember, as Facialteam often shares how we are continually refining techniques and how our evidence-based research leads to designing safer procedures for more predictable results in facial gender affirming surgery. 

Our team has spent more than a decade developing new technologies that improve precision in Facial Feminization. One of the products of years of intense work is JAWContour®, made possible thanks to the collaboration of the medical technology specialist Mectron-Medical. 

JAWContour® FAQ, Livestream Interview

Watch our livestream on YouTube with Dr. Simon, Facialteam’s cofounder and codirector, to learn more.  Here are some answers to important questions, answered with the help of a former patient, Leah. Some FAQ we address in the livestream are:

  • Who is JAWContour for? When is it particularly indicated and not? 
  • How would a chin have been performed with traditional methods?
  • How does the JAWContour technique differ from other jaw feminization approaches? What’s the advantage? What new technologies are involved in JC?
  • Does JAWContour address the desire for the most aggressive result that’s safely possible? Can it help obtain maximum feminization of the jaw and chin?

JAWContour® in other languages

Jaw Feminization is the process of reshaping the jaw to be more feminine. In our multilanguage 3D videos, we explain this avant-garde approach to jaw and chin surgery developed by Facialteam.

Excellence in Facial Gender Surgery is #MadeInSpain

Watch in your language:

English https://youtu.be/a7f32C5rDGM

Español https://youtu.be/PVkr0CG3EaQ 

Italiano https://youtu.be/W5Z8SlTnhcE 

Português https://youtu.be/X8BAj64bt50 

Deutsch https://youtu.be/evCVFgegnvE 

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