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January 20, 2017

FACIALTEAM expounds facial gender confirmation protocols for guide on transgender surgery


Gender Affirmation: Medical and Surgical Perspectives
Gender Affirmation: Medical and Surgical Perspectives

FACIALTEAM is pleased to announce the publication of a chapter on facial gender confirmation surgery in the most definitive book on transgender healthcare to date. The volume was created in collaboration in part with the scientific committee of the European Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare (EPATH) as well as other international experts on the subject of transgender surgery.

Title: Gender Affirmation: Medical and Surgical Perspectives

Editors: Salgado, Monstrey, Djordjevic

Editorial: Thieme Medical Publisher

Summary: Some people pursue medical interventions as part of the process of expressing their gender, and an increasing number of gender affirmation surgeries are being performed. This book, which provides comprehensive coverage of the subject, is edited by three well-respected and experienced authors with over 20 contributors from around the world. It features full coverage of both medical and surgical treatment, supported by over 350 full-color drawings and photos and surgical video.

The opening chapter by Luis Capitán and Daniel Simon, Facial Feminization Surgery: A Global Approach, begins this extensive and comprehensive overview of transgender healthcare. The book also speaks about other surgeries common to the transgender patient, such as voice, breast surgery, vaginoplasty, falloplasty as well as other medical treatments involving hormones, adolescents, mental and sexual health, and issues of gender identity.

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