Facial feminization non surgical


Enhancing treatments

MICROFEMINIZATION® is a combination of newly developed techniques, skillful artistry, unique contouring and highlighting using specialist needles and pigments in tandem with cosmetic, medical and aesthetic procedures, to enhance and feminise the face and body.

Facialteam collaborates with a specialist to complement the services provided to our patients and achieve the excellence in the final result. MICROFEMINIZATION® provides the finishing touches, to the individual’s transition.

  • All treatments are suitable for any age, skin type and color.
  • Each treatment requires a minimum 2 procedures.

The techniques and practices are unique and have been crafted from many years of experience and excellence in the field of permanent make-up, working under meticulously sanitized conditions and are monitored and licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health.


With this treatment fuller and thicker hair is created, by placing pigmentation stokes into the dermis of the scalp to replicate hair follicles and hair strands, achieving a very natural looking appearance. This procedure can be used where hair is receding, fine or thinning and in conjunction with the Simultaneous Hair Transplant, FUSS or FUE techniques. Each treatment lasts between 1 – 6 hours, requiring about 2 – 4 sessions in order to obtain the desired result. See “Hair and Hairline” section for more information.


Once the hairline has been adjusted, the perception of femininity can be enhanced by defining, shaping and heightening the eyebrows, giving a softer more feminine appearance to the face.

Eyebrows are very important in the perception of a gender. Men tend to have much thicker brows than women and they are usually straighter with rough edges. To soften and feminize the face, the eyebrows must have soft curves rather than sharp corners. Neatly shaped eyebrows make the face look more feminine.

Each treatment lasts around 2 hours, requiring about 2 – 3 sessions in order to obtain the desired result.


Using MICROFEMINIZATION® techniques in pigmentation, the eyelash bed can be darken to subtly frame the eye, giving the appearance of longer, thicker eyelashes. In skillfully adding shading and color above and below the eye, the eye shape can be transformed and the eye color can be accentuated to provide a more feminine appearance from the moment a patient awakes.

Each treatment lasts around 2 hours, requiring about 2 – 4 sessions in order to obtain the desired result.


Naturally, women’s lips have more pigmentation. By enhancing the lip’s shape, adding a blush of color and defining a cupid’s bow we can create softer, fuller and more feminine lips.  The shape and definition of the mouth can really help create a perception of a more masculine or feminine appearance. By adding definition to the upper lip, the mouth will immediately appear to have a more feminine air to it. Even small and thin lips can be feminized by giving the upper lip as much detail as the bottom and defining the indent between the upper lip and nose, instantly making the mouth appear more feminine. Adding a curved line on the center of the lips will give the mouth a fuller appearance.


MICROFEMINIZATION® techniques are also effective in dissimulating scars. After an Adam’s apple reduction (trachea) or lip lift, scars can still be visible. All can be softened and camouflaged with medical pigmentation. They often use a combination of dry needling and medical pigmentation for the best results. Dry needling creates precision trauma to the affected skin surface. This will send signals to the brain that cause the formation of collagen and lymph fluids, stimulating the healing process of the skin. Medical pigmentation uses colored pigments that match and blend with the skin to lessen the scar appearance.

With older scarring, before microneedling, histamines or hyaluronic acid can be injected into the scar ensuring a more effective result. Microneedling also improves dilated pores, fine wrinkles, skin hydration and improves the skins appearance and texture by triggering the body’s natural response to achieve controlled collagen stimulation.

Microneedling is highly useful to relax the skin tissue prior to and post-surgery.