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Frequently Asked Questions about FFS

When can I wash my hair?

Almost immediately. Do not be alarmed if the wound bleeds a little while washing your hair. For wound healing is very good to remove any excess blood from the tissues and crusting. It is good to use shampoo. Remember that you have to dry the hair well and use an antiseptic on the area of the incisions.

Should I sunbathe?

The scar in the early days is very sensitive to sunlight, as it contains very few melanocytes. Therefore, during the first 6 months after surgery is recommended to protect the scar with a high protective cream or avoid exposure to direct sunlight. During the first week after surgery is better not to expose your face to the sun as the risk of infection may be higher.

What about smoking?

As smoking counteracts the healing of wound, we strongly recommend not smoking 3 weeks before surgery and 3 weeks after it.

When can I go back to work?

Usually our patients return to work after 2 – 6 weeks, according to the extension of the surgery.

How much time will I have inflammation?

Around 90% of the swelling will disappear after 2 – 3 weeks. For the final result you will have to wait up to 1 year.

Which area will appear swollen?

Immediately after surgery the swelling will appear mainly in the soft tissues (cheeks, lips, around the eyes). During the firsts days, the swelling will go down, jaw and neck, due to the effect of gravity. Swelling and bruising is different from person to another and can occur anywhere.

How will the scars on the hairline look?

The scar on the hairline will be curved and irregular for a natural effect. At first will be red and very visible, but after about 6 weeks, will become less visible and the hair will grow through the incision. Our surgeons have developed suture techniques entirely new in the repositioning of the hairline, which favors the postoperative period and ideal results at an aesthetic level.

Will my hair fall out?

As the incision is just inside the hairline and the movement of the scalp in on a deep layer of the hair roots, you should not loose much hair. Any loose hair is, generally speaking, mild and temporary.

Will I lose sensation?

The areas under treatment will show lack of sensitivity at first. It will take 3 – 6 months to recover sensitivity.

What kind of pain can I expect?

The pain is surprisingly moderate considering the extension of surgery performed. Most patients will only experience mild discomfort. With over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory, both pain and swelling will be perfectly controlled.

How can I clean the areas with facial extra-oral incisions? What should I do and for how long?

If you have sterile strips that covers the wound or you have a bandage, do not touch it and should be keep dry. If you don’t have strips or bandage, the area of extraoral incision should be cleaned thoroughly by washing, as we will recommend you and drying carefully. After 2 weeks the wounds will be healed to start applying a special ointment, which improves healing. We recommend Dermatix gel, which you can buy in any pharmacy. Use this cream with a gentle massage during 12 months until the scar is not visible.

Would I be able to eat?

If you have not had any intraoral treatment or orthognatic surgery, you will be able to eat normally soon. Due to the effects of general anesthesia, you may feel sick during the first hours. You should take soft food, at first, if you have intraoral sutures. Patients should be prepared for it beforehand and buy juices, yogurts and soups to take it the first days after surgery.

Will I be able to get up and walk?

At the hospital once the catheter is disconnected, you should try to get up gently and walk slowly, unless the doctor tells you the opposite.

What happens if I need to see the doctor when I go back to my country?

Firstly, contact us during our office hours or after office hours through the HC Hospital. We collaborate with several doctors in different countries who can help you. If we do not know a doctor in your area, we advise you to consult with your personal physician. Then, we will discuss the problem with your physician once you have visited him and we will recommend the appropriate treatment. In extremely rare case, you would have to come to Marbella.

The coordination of the patient

Your patient coordinator will help you with many details surrounding your visit, both medically and logistically. She will assist with accommodations and organizing appointments as well as arranging a round-trip airport transfer and our select taxi service to and from all your appointments (included in costs). Our patient coordinators are here to help you in any way you need.

Málaga Airport and Marbella Area

Malaga International airport (AGP) is only 40 – 60 minutes from Marbella. More than 60 airlines have direct flights. From there, we will take care of your transport to your hotel and to the hospital.

About 40% of the population in Marbella is not Spanish, being a popular tourist destination and Expat colony for northern Europeans. Therefore you will find people who speak English and other languages often. However, there will be times when you will encounter non-English speakers, so please be patient!


Jenny´s Nest is our first recommendation, but a list of other sites is provided. The prices vary depending on the season, the highest being between June – August. An exclusive four-star resort in addition to many other options are to meet each patients budget, from a luxurious environment with sea or mountain views to apartments equipped with Kitchenettes. The costs of housing, meals and international/national travel are at the expense of the patient (while not in hospital) unless otherwise indicated.


We will provide a detailed schedule in advance, so you know exactly where you should be and when. All local transport for appointments is provided.

Consultations Abroad & Videoconsultations

FACIALTEAM has consultations all year round in many international cities in 4 continents of the world. See our calendar online! Contact Tamara to schedule a 30-minute appointment (1 hour in Marbella): consultations@facialteam.eu Can´t make it? Ask for a Skype appointment!
*If you have dental or cranial Xrays, it will be very helpful to bring it or send it in advance. For sites which offer Digital Simulations, you should come with neutral, light makeup. Just bring a list of questions so you don´t forget anything. There is no pressure to book and the consultation is completely free of charge, be it a first, fifth or checkup consultation.

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