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  • During your 30 to 40 minute face-to-face FFS consultation, the surgeon will discuss your case at length and address any doubts in detail. We offer our honest opinion, from a clinical and aesthetic perspective. However, the patient´s requirements and objectives are also a very important consideration.

    Your health and realistic goals are our main concern when carefully considering your case. An exhaustive evaluation is necessary in order to build a personalized treatment plan for FFS Surgery that will meet your needs.  This may mean several consultations via email, Skype and finally meeting in person in order to discover the best plan for you.  Therefore, it is our policy not to publish “cookie-cutter style” facial feminization cost lists, as each case, and face, really is unique.

    Don´t forget to prepare a list of questions!

  • Fill in the form with the required* details.  The types of consultations available are:

    • Video-consultation on Skype
    • E-mail evaluation based on photos only 
    • Face-to-Face consultation at one of our International events scheduled in 5 continents (see complete list of worldwide consultation events)
    • Marbella, Spain.  Personal consultation in our home-base includes a free CT Scan. 
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Our sister center in the Americas caters to Portuguese speakers.

    You will receive an automatic reply, please check this for further instructions (and your Spambox!). In some cases, you may be able to access our calendar to select and reserve the appointment of choice.  In the event a convenient appointment is not available, please contact our patient relations for other options.

    All the *starred info requested in the form is required. We will not be able to provide you with an appointment until all data necessary for a correct evaluation has been received.

    Personal data is confidential under the EU Privacy and Data Protection Laws and will not be shared with third parties without express consent.

  • SKYPE VIDEO-CONSULTATION. During your 30 – 40 minute meeting with the FFS surgeon, the primary aim will be to clarify your expectations and doubts regarding facial feminization.  If you choose this type of evaluation in the form, additional fields will appear to attach photos and so that you may describe, for example, what facial features you wish to change.  Eventually, we will need to know your Skype user ID in order to connect with you the day of the appointment. 

    INTERNATIONAL FFS CONSULTATION & ORIENTATION EVENTS. Our doctors travel frequently to many international cities, available by appointment only. See the list below

    Facial Feminization Consultations

    If you have a group in your area, contact us to see if a FFS consultation day or group orientation seminar may be organised in a location near you.


    We welcome you to meet our surgeons and staff in Marbella, Spain any time of year. Please contact us to make an appointment for a free FFS consultation and intensive evaluation

    There are many advantages to receiving an FFS orientation in Marbella:

    • Complete cranial 3-D CT scans included, same-day processing.
    • Clinical Photo session, high quality images useful for your pre-surgical records.
    • Intensive personal consultation with a surgical team director (1 hour approx)
    • Possibility to also recieve an evaluation with a surgical team specialist, in rhinoplasty or hair transplants for example.
    • Welcome Tour of the Hospital, meet our staff face-to-face and receive a complete clinical evaluation with quote and diagnostic results in hand.
    • Opportunity to visit our Health Resort, a luxurious facility which combines hospitality and clinical care for the ideal recovery of FACIALTEAM patients.
    • Virtual FFS in consultation: a preliminary photo simulation onscreen of your results, created onsite by an experienced facial gender analyst. Service only upon request, when available.
    • ROUND-TRIP Airport taxi transfer reservation (fees apply) and support for travel planning.




    If you are in South America, our sister-center in Brazil offers the ideal location for a consultation.  


     *Dates and locations are subject to change without notice. Please reconfirm in advance.

  • Please read the instructions below regarding the photos and details we require in advance. We cannot provide an appointment or evaluation without the required information and photos for an adequate analysis.

    1. DESCRIBE what features you are uncomfortable with, if possible. It is also important to list any previous facial treatments, surgeries or injuries.
    2. 3 photos with your hair pulled back (frontal, profile, and lateral 45 degree angle, as in the examples below).

    Please note the following tips:

    • Don’t hold the camera yourself and try not to use mirrors.
    • Keep the camera at least 6 feet (2 metres) away from your face.
    • Camera Angle: The camera should be at eye level. Try to keep your head and gaze horizontal
    • The pictures should be well lit and in focus, but not in direct sunlight.
    • Keep a blank expression, without a smile.
    • It is best to turn your whole body to get the different angles rather than just turning your head.
    • Keep your hair tied back so your cheeks and forehead are revealed
    • Picture Size. Up to 1 MB is sufficient
    • Try to have a blank and neutral color background
    • Don’t wear glasses.
    • It’s fine to wear light make-up, but avoid heavy eyeliner or eye-shadows.
  • FFS consultations are FREE as part of our policy to eliminate barriers to accurate information on facial feminization surgery.

    Our budgets are personalized according to the individual needs of each patient, since each FFS treatment depends on individual needs and objectives.  For this reason, we do not publish a list of prices although facial feminization costs range normally between 8,000 to 25,000 Euros depending on the treatment and duration of surgery.

    Use the form here to request a quote of the costs of facial feminization surgery in your case.


Want to book a free consultation with the FFS Surgeon? Use the form below to request the type of consultation preferred:


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