Dr. Darío Ballesteros

Medical Specialist in Anesthesiology , Reanimation and Pain Therapy MIR. Hospital Universitario Virgen Valme headquarters . Extensive experience in regional anesthesia, pediatric , maxillofacial surgery, treatment of chronic and acute pain. Extensive professional experience in echocardiography for anesthesia and treatment of pain and in Intensive Care Units.


  • FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE: Saladilla Algeciras. 2002-3
  • HOSPITAL COSTA DEL SOL (public regional hospital). Member of staff since 2008
  • Anesthesiology of High complexity in various hospitals of Andaluciá, Spain. Experience in anesthesia for craniofacial surgery and facial feminization
  • Director of the website – www.asociacionandaluzadeldolor.es (Andalucían Association for Pain).
  • Conference speaker and published in professional journals of the SEDAR , AAD , AAEAR , ESRA .
  • Professor of ongoing courses for techniques in radiographically guided and ecographically guided treatment of pain, accredited by ACSA.


  • Medicine and Surgery. Sevilla University . From 1996 to 2002 . Professional Association of Doctors of Málaga 29/9948 .
  • Anesthesiology Resuscitation and Pain Therapy . Hospital Virgin Valme , Seville 2004-2008 . MIR.
  • Ecoguide in local and regional anesthesia . University Sevilla , 07.08.2006