Doctor Teresa Meyer took her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Medical University of Malaga. Her expertise in Dermatology was further developed at the University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria in Malaga and at the College of Physicians and the University of Barcelona where she completed her Masters in Laser and Light Therapy Aesthetic Dermatology and Pathology.

Doctor Teresa Meyer developed her interest in hair transplant through specializing in burns and diseases of the scalp and studying various reconstructive techniques, also having a paper published in the Spanish Journal of Dermatology on the use of Body Hair into scalp scar tissue.

Her interest brought her to BHR Clinic where she has learned and master hair transplant technics since 2008 with medical excellence and artistic design and a is a member of the ISHRS -International Hair Transplant Society for Surgeons-.

Her experience has brought the development of FACIALTEAM Hair Transplant Unit and the evolution of the treatment in Hairline Feminization and Simultaneous Hair Transplant (SHT).