Facial Feminization Surgery Before & After 3D Cranial Gallery

Facial Feminization Surgery

CT scans before and after facial feminization surgery – Analyzing FFS Surgery Results

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The pictures here contained, are regulated by the LOPD ( Protection Data Law) 15/1999 and are exclusive property of FACIALTEAM. All the patients included in these pictures have been treated exclusively by FACIALTEAM members and consents were provided for the use of the images in this website. Any use or copy of this images is prohibited and will be prosecuted according to the LOPD 15/1999


Many of the postoperative photos have been sent by our patients once they have re-incorporated into their social life, family routines and jobs;  therefore, the pics naturally show themselves in more casual poses, with makeup, and in angles distinct from our clinical pictures.  We aim to obtain clinical results when possible, for a better photo comparison, but this is a work in progress and not always possible on the long term. Facial Feminization patient photos on this page have not been digitally enhanced to change the appearance of the patient.

A Note from FACIALTEAM directors, Drs Capitán & Simon

We would like to advise to all patients interested in facial feminization surgery that the surgical procedures carried out for this type of intervention have the mutual objective of obtaining harmonious results, both feminine and natural, and never intend to change the face´s own physionomy nor make extreme changes in the facial appearance.  For this reason it is fundamental for patients to have realistic expectations of FFS Surgery and a clear understanding of the influence of facial feminization surgery, both positive factors which encourage a better recuperation and easier adaptation during the transitional process.