JENNY´S NEST  is the ideal residence for FFS patient recuperation.

Get well with the help of experienced support while in the best spot in Marbella!

We are delighted to recommend JENNY´S NEST in Marbella, managed by Jenny Bowman, founder of THE HIDDEN WOMAN, who provides experienced care during your recovery after FFS.  Highly rated as so much more than just a place to stay, JENNY´S NEST is located in a private luxury villa on the outskirts of the heart of historic Marbella.

Jenny´s VIP Services, a combination of accommodations and companion support made especially for FACIALTEAM patients


Jenny has a complete understanding of your needs as an FFS patient and aims to remove all concerns about travelling abroad for surgery and your postoperative care!


According to Jenny, “Marbella is one of the most Trans friendly places I have visited and provides an idyllic environment in which to recover from surgery. Our aim is to enhance your experience and provide welcome support throughout your stay. As you get better there are some wonderful sites to see and nothing compares enjoying the romance and atmosphere of dinner in the old town.”

The tranquil villa is equipped for your comfort with lovely gardens, open patios, sunny balconies and a swimming pool. It is only 15 minutes by taxi to HC Hospital and a 5 minute walk to shops.

A Community Manager for FACIALTEAM´s Facebook Patient Group, Ms. Bowman founded JENNY´S NEST  to look after your every need.


JENNY´S NEST provides an idyllic and supportive environment in which to recuperate from surgery. It is set in a private luxury villa within its own walled grounds, with a swimming pool and many private areas in which to relax and enjoy the panoramic views.  It is managed by Jenny and Nicola who are proudly transgender women so a complete understanding of your needs is assured. The NEST provides a unique environment for social interaction with other patients sharing in your journey of transition and surgery together.

“We are highly experienced in providing postoperative care and work harmoniously with your FACIALTEAM Patient Coordinators. We monitor your medication, wash your hair daily and tend your surgical incisions. We are available to you 24 hours per day and any concern is actioned immediately.”

Reserving your place at the NEST

Firstly, liaise with FACIALTEAM and arrange your date for surgery. Once your surgical dates are firmly booked, please contact Jenny regarding availability:

Staying at the NEST is a unique and memorable experience which forms bonds of friendship that, for some, will last a lifetime.  Some comments from some of our previous FACIALTEAM patients who have stayed at the NEST:

I stopped at Jenny’s Nest which was the icing on the cake as far as the experience goes. From being met at the airport to accompanying me to the hospital for pre op consultations, the op itself and visits while there, ensuring I took all the correct meds once out and giving my words of encouragement when I was at my lowest both physically and emotionally. Without hesitation I’d recommend anyone to opt for Facial Team for their surgery and also Jenny’s nest.  -Amber from the UK
I opted to stay at Jenny’s Nest, run by the fantastic Jenny Bowman and Nicola Roberts. Within a day I genuinely felt like I was part of a big family, with everyone looking out for each other and respecting each other’s company. No matter if you wanted to socialise, or hide away, everyone was accommodated for and looked after perfectly. To have created such an environment is nothing short of a miracle. –Kirsty from the UK
I can’t recommend enough how amazingly beneficial it is for me to stay at Jenny’s Nest. There is no way I could have done this surgery alone! I’m truly moved by the special family that Jenny has created here at the Nest. It is something that I will cherish forever. She is truly a woman with a giant heart and a beautiful human being. Anyone considering FFS with Facial Team should not even think twice about staying with Jenny. It is priceless.  –Michelle from New York