Sparkle!  FFS Consultations with Virtual FFS onscreen


FACIALTEAM will be in Manchester again for the 5th consecutive year at the greatest transgender gathering in Europe!  

Dr. Simon at Sparkle 2012

Dr. Daniel Simon, FFS specialist at Sparkle in 2012.

Dr, Daniel Simon talks on FFS at Sparkle 2012

FACIALTEAM FFS presentation at Sparkle Workshops 2012

Dr. Simon, FFS Specialist

Dr. Daniel gives an impromptu facial feminisation orientation

We are offering pre-booked appointments on Saturday and Sunday.  Impromptu walk-in consultations may not be available.

Consultations will include  ONSCREEN SIMULATION OF RESULTS by Alexandra Hamer of Virtual FFS. 


—-Saturday, July 11th : MacDonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, London Rd, Manchester M1 2PG —-Sunday, July 12th:  LGBT Foundation Building, 5 Richmond St (parallel to Canal St.), see map below
Facial Feminisation Surgery Orientations at Sparkle

Alexandra Hamer, Dr. Capitán and Dr. Bellinga (from right to left) offer a comprehensive FFS orientation.

Dr. Luis Capitán, director of FACIALTEAM, is pleased to take part yet again in such a wonderful celebration.  This year, our rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Bellinga, will also be available and meeting for postop checkups.


If you are interested in booking an appointment, please email Lilia at


Send an SMS to +0034 603.536.359 with your full name.  


It is recommended as last year we had to turn people away!


Lilia Koss, Patient Relations

Patient Relations Manager of FACIALTEAM, first attended Sparkle in 2009.


Don´t miss out on the opportunity to meet Lilia FT Koss on Facebook, patient relations manager whose first Sparkle was in 2009!

Wishing you a very happy 10th annual Sparkle!  We are proud supporters and extend our gratitude to:


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Dr. Luis M. Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon, founders and directors of FACIALTEAM, an internationally renowned team of professionals specialised in facial feminization surgery, based in Marbella, Spain and Sao Paulo, Brazil.